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Louis XIII Magnum (1.75L)

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As intimate gatherings have become more prevalent, Louis XIII aims to elevate and enhance every occasion to feel like a special celebration.

The silky-smooth Louis XIII, dubbed the luxury cognac, offers a warm caress on every swig. Baccarat crystal decanter offers a bespoke heirloom that exults a distinguished quality. With the evocation of both palatable complexity and unblemished beauty, this blend has been conjured with the finest grapes from Grande Champagne. It offers a multitude of reflections and colors that dance in the light, from the energetic and lush gold tones to the wonderful mahogany reflections.

The delightful aroma brings Limousin oak to life, with notes of honeysuckle and plum. This blend matures slowly in oak barrels known as “Tierçons.” Louis XIII is not only a gift of perfection but offers some superior taste payoff. Maple, honey, fig, and pastry dough resonate with the taste buds, with woody flavors piquing the curiosity further. This highly concentrated cognac is rich in aromas with a harmonious lasting taste.

Fete your closest family and friends by treating them to Louis XIII at your table

Louis XIII Magnum (1.75L) $8,000

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