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LISA Airplanes have stepped out of the box to create a new generation of high-end aircraft that will change one’s lifestyle – the Akoya.
Text: Jessica Hall  | Images: Courtesy of LISA Airplanes

Creating a new form of travel and offering a peerless freedom to people,” this is LISA Airplanes’ mission.  And the company has definitely achieved this with the Akoya. This two-seater light sport aircraft is the only able to land on land, water, and snow without any prior modifications.

LISA Airplanes AKOYA

Unlike other seaplanes and amphibious aircraft, the AKOYA is equipped with Seafoils that does not affect the aerodynamics of the aircraft making it the first aircraft that’s both
agile on the water and fast in the air.

With landing and take-off in 650 feet, The Akoya can take off in the Swiss Alps and land you in the Mediterranean Sea.

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