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Learjet 75 Liberty


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The Learjet 75 Liberty is Bombardier’s newest light jet that offers the longest cabin in its category, affording passengers the freedom to stretch out and enjoy a quiet, smooth ride. A flat floor throughout the cabin, a standard pocket door between the cockpit and the Executive Suite, and Gogo ATG 4G connectivity solution provides the quietest of environments tailored for productivity. Powered by two Honeywell TFE731- 40BR engines, not only is the ride smooth and comfortable but its fast with a top speed of .81 MACH (approximately 621 miles per hour)– the fastest in the light jet segment. With a range of 2,080 nautical miles and maximum altitude of 51,000 feet, you can travel from New York to Las Vegas nonstop.

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The Learjet 75 Liberty is certified to the FAA’s most stringent Part 25 regulations, which are applied to commercial airliners. Pilots will enjoy the advanced flight deck with the upgraded Garmin G500 avionics suite with three high resolution 14in displays, Synthetic Vision System, advanced weather radar, triple integrated FMS with graphical flight planning, and Datalink capabilities. The Learjet 75 Liberty is truly a liberation of flight, it flies you farther, faster, and with more room – it is the best of the best in safety standards and performance at the same operating costs as its competition – all in all – “exceptional by design”.

List Price $9.9 Million

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