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The LAYERED x Linda Ring Handmade Blanket Collection - Where the Craft of Weaving Meets the Art of Making Bread.




In a groundbreaking fusion of craftsmanship and artistic expression, Swedish interior design brand LAYERED has teamed up with the talented artist Linda Ring to launch an extraordinary collection of handmade blankets. This exclusive collaboration showcases the remarkable beauty that emerges when everyday objects are elevated to the status of art, all while honoring the essence of time and patience.

Linda Ring, renowned for her background as a skilled photographer and interior stylist, embarked on a transformative journey several years ago. Embracing a new direction in life, Linda found herself yearning for a more unhurried existence. This pursuit of a slower pace ultimately led her to discover a creative outlet in the art of making bread. As any seasoned baker knows, the mastery of bread demands ample time and dedication, and it is within this meditative process that Linda found solace and inspiration.

Just like the intricate process of weaving a beautiful textile, the craft of bread making demands patience and a keen eye for detail. Realizing this profound parallel, Linda began combining her passion for art with her newfound love for baking. She infused her bread-making with unique illustrations, transforming each loaf into an edible masterpiece. The act of creating something transient yet extraordinary resonated deeply with her.

Enter LAYERED, a visionary brand that holds true to a powerful philosophy - marrying contemporary expression with authentic craftsmanship and sustainable materials. Their mission is to curate designs that embody both form and function, transcending mere utility to become captivating pieces of art. The meeting of minds between Linda Ring and LAYERED was serendipitous, as they both recognized the inherent magic in the convergence of art and interior design.


Speaking about this remarkable fusion, Linda Ring shares, “The collaboration with LAYERED reflects on the fundamental and perishable nature of bread as a craft - to create these illustrations that are then consumed and thus disappear. There is something very beautiful in that. However, I was attracted by the idea of transferring my illustrations onto a blanket and by that act letting the work live on. Bread as art, which now becomes a beautiful handwoven blanket.”

The LAYERED x Linda Ring Handmade Blanket Collection is a evidence of the beauty of collaboration, where two creative forces converge to celebrate the passage of time and the transformative power of art. Each blanket in the collection exudes a sense of depth, inviting us to ponder the richness of life’s simple joys. As you wrap yourself in these magnificent works of art, you’ll feel the enchanting embrace of artistry and the warmth of tradition, woven together in harmony.

In a world of fleeting moments, the LAYERED x Linda Ring Handmade Blanket Collection serves as a poignant reminder to appreciate the artistry in the everyday, to embrace the patience required to craft something truly remarkable, and to cherish the beauty that arises when passion and purpose intertwine. These blankets embody the essence of craftsmanship and the spirit of Linda Ring’s art - both destined to leave an indelible mark on the heart of interior design.

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