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The success of LA’s Art Show this summer proved a return to traditional routine is a possibility following months of confinement.


LA_Art_Show_Floor_2021_(CREDIT BIRDMAN PHOTOS)(4).jpg
LA_Art_Show_Floor_2021 (CREDIT_BIRDMAN PHOTOS)(2)(1).jpg
LA_Art_Show_Floor_2021_Heffernan_(CREDIT BIRDMAN PHOTOS).jpg
LA_Art_Show_Floor_2021_Arnold_Schwarzenegger_Artemis_Gallery (CREDIT BIRDMAN PHOTOS)..jpg

The LA Art Show wrapped a socially distanced special summer edition of the fair with half the attendance but doubling their sales! The event kicked off with a visit from Mayor Eric Garcetti, celebrating both the return of the show and the 50th anniversary of the Los Angeles Convention Center, followed by a successful opening night complete with red carpet.

Culture and art returned as art dealers, curators and collectors flocked to the LA Convention Centre to immerse themselves in the newest art collections. Celebrities and well-known names were among some of the VIPs who worked ardently in aid of charity. This year, it benefited St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.


The art show itself saw inspirations from across the city immortalized in art. We saw pioneering new artistic creations. Dazzling and colorful spectacles reigned supreme. It was an immersive experience, with sensory elements offering visual video graphics. These sensational components offer a futuristic taste, sharing the first live NFT presence by Vellum LA. There was a definite spotlight on original and upcoming female artists, offering a digital platform for their artistic presentation. Rare energy that had never been captured before conquered an intrigued crowd.

The floor was illuminated with screens of digital art that tempted the eyes of viewers. Quiet corners paved the way for serene art, from poolside scenes to contemporary portraits. The focus was heavily on modern art, which we saw with Coagula Curatorial, Gallery 1261, and Sandstone Gallery to name a few. Space, time, and energy were the main themes throughout the exhibitors this year, a telling tale of the destiny we may expect to see within the art world throughout this decade. As the show continued over the days, four galleries arose around Citibank. These included Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, Caldwell Snyder Gallery, Pigment Gallery, and Rebecca Hossack Gallery. A successful reintroduction to modern art, through digital and traditional forms, all of which evoked a sense of true belonging.

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