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King of Pop Art: Nelson de La Nuez

By: Gina Samarotto

Nov/Dec 2013

Have a conversation with Nelson De La Nuez, the charismatic King of Pop Art, and within moments you find yourself mesmerized by a man whose story is as compelling as his art. 


Born in Havana when volatile politics were hotter than the city’s sultry climate, the artist and his family spent over two years planning their exile.  A first attempt to escape Communist Cuba for the idyllic lure of American soil was a nerve shattering miss.  After hours of anxious waiting, and with the rest of the family nearing the tarmac; De La Nuez’s father, an anti-communist activist who had endured three political imprisonments, was denied leave.   The family made an abrupt about face and began planning their second attempt. Some six months later they ultimately boarded the plane successfully, reaching the US in 1966.

Sought by devotees the world over, De La Nuez has been avidly collected by everyone from megastars like Michael Jackson to a blind man drawn to purchasing a piece after hearing the laughs and lauds of others viewing it.  Even children have been known to squirrel away allowance dollars to buy a print.  This art has legs.  Long ones.    


With brush firmly in hand and tongue firmly in cheek; the iconoclastic master endeavors to bring something new to the creative table every day.  And bring something new he does… spectacular art epitomizing American culture in a completely original way.  At once curious and familiar, sardonic and sentimental; the visually sensational art of De La Nuez compels those who set eyes upon it to become lost within it.


A contemporary Renaissance Man, De La Nuez’s reach extends well beyond the canvas. The iconic work seen through his gallery ( is also incorporated into high end fashion, accessories and home design made available through a branded luxury line ( as well as meticulously chosen licensing deals.




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