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A Luxury Investment Opportunity in Piemonte, Italy's Picturesque Langa and Monferrato Region


Villa Giara


In the enchanting region of Piemonte, Italy, nestled amidst the rolling hills adorned with vineyards and embraced by the allure of fine wine and truffles, a golden investment opportunity awaits. Villa Giara, a successful luxury Bed & Breakfast, is now up for sale, presenting itself as both a thriving business venture and an extraordinary private residence, surrounded by the breathtaking hills and vineyards of the Langa and Monferrato. From this hilltop property, one can also gaze upon the picturesque village of Calosso, characterized by the castle and the cathedral, reachable on foot via a beautiful walk.

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A Tale of Success and Change
Villa Giara has basked in the glory of two remarkable years as a premier luxury B&B. Welcoming guests from all corners of the globe, it boasts a legion of repeat visitors eagerly seeking to secure their bookings for the upcoming year of 2024. However, as life often unfolds, the owners have found themselves at a crossroads due to family matters, necessitating their presence outside of Italy to provide support for an elderly parent. Thus, Villa Giara, in the height of its success, graces the market with the promise of new beginnings.

The Piemonte Paradise
Situated in the heart of the Piemonte region, Villa Giara is a testament to the idyllic lifestyle Italy has to offer. This area, celebrated for its exquisite wines and coveted truffles, has garnered global attention, often being hailed as "the next Tuscany" and "Italy's undiscovered secret." The location offers the best of both worlds, with skiing in the Alps and beachfront bliss in Liguria a mere two-hour drive away. The famed Lake Como and Portofino are also within easy reach, ensuring a diverse range of experiences.

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A Compound of Luxury
Villa Giara is a compound that exudes luxury from every corner. The property comprises two grand farmhouses, boasting a total of eleven en suite guest rooms, ensuring ample space for guests to revel in. Additionally, there's a separate guest or owner's house with two bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, a spacious living room, dining room, and a fully-equipped kitchen. For relaxation and recreation, there's a large swimming pool that offers a sweeping panorama of the captivating hills and vineyards, a Moscato vineyard, a wine cellar, La Limonaia dining room, a reception office, an outdoor dining portico, a yoga deck, a nature trail, and even a Villa Giara boutique – a truly lavish experience awaits.


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Elegance and Comfort
Villa Giara is the culmination of a five-year renovation project that has brought it to the pinnacle of sophistication and comfort. Filled with art, antiques, and textiles from around the world, the property offers an immersive experience for its guests. All bedrooms and living spaces are air-conditioned, and the bed mattresses are handmade in Italy, ensuring the highest standard of luxury.

A Haven of Privacy
Perched atop a hill, Villa Giara commands breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, including the charming village of Calosso, with its ancient castle. This property stands at the epicenter of Piemonte's 'Golden Triangle,' encompassing the renowned towns of Asti, famous for its wines; Alba, celebrated for its truffles; and Acqui Terme, known for its hot mineral baths. Whether you seek a bustling life of hospitality or a tranquil retreat, Villa Giara offers it all.


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An Investment Opportunity Like No Other
Villa Giara symbolizes an investment in an extravagant lifestyle and a gateway to a thriving business venture. Whether you dream of running a luxurious B&B or desire to make this exceptional estate your private haven, the possibilities are endless. The property can be purchased furnished, allowing you to embark on this journey immediately. With a database of over 14,000 qualified international clients and an exceptional open rate and click-through rate for the Villa Giara newsletter, this investment promises a remarkable return.

Villa Giara beckons with the promise of prosperity and pleasure, whether as a business venture or a personal sanctuary. In Piemonte, Italy, where beauty, culture, and cuisine converge, this luxury property stands as a testament to the finest life has to offer. Seize the opportunity to make Villa Giara your own and embrace the elegance and charm of Italian living in the heart of the "next Tuscany." Your extraordinary investment journey begins here amidst the picturesque Langa and Monferrato region.

Now available for $3,152,174 (2,900,000 €)

For more information, please contact:
Ilaria De Martini
Office: +39 01 1194 71640
WhatsApp: +39 366 362 0710


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