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A landscape where the rustling of grasses in the wind harmonizes with agricultural ambitions and the spirit of outdoor adventure, the JM Ranch stands as an ideal choice for investors seeking both the tranquility of nature and the promise of economic growth.


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Nestled in the majestic Pine Ridge area of Northwestern Nebraska lies the JM Ranch, a sprawling 2,666± acre property that opens the door to an array of opportunities. This property, celebrated for its diverse wildlife and rich agricultural potential, stands out as a unique investment opportunity for those interested in combining outdoor recreation with a profitable cattle operation.

At the heart of the JM Ranch is a robust agricultural infrastructure. This includes a fully equipped 60’ x 180’ steel building, housing the two-bedroom owners home and a separate one-bedroom apartment, ideal for managing a high-functioning cattle operation. The ranch is meticulously cross-fenced into multiple pastures, each with several water sources, underscoring the significant investment in water wells, miles of new fences, and the revamping of water sources across the ranch to boost its agricultural value.

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In the northeast corner of the ranch, a manager's home and a fully-equipped working facility stand overlooking the stunning Pine Ridge scenery, with Chadron Creek meandering through the northern boundary. This section of the ranch, designed for efficiency and ease, features multiple outbuildings, corrals of steel pipe construction, and comprehensive windbreaks. The strategic placement of the manager's home ensures the privacy of the owner's headquarters without disrupting the ranch operations.

However, the JM Ranch is more than a working cattle ranch. It's a haven for recreational activities, boasting two stocked fishing ponds, multiple shooting ranges, and extensive trails, thus creating a playground for the outdoor enthusiast. This blend of agriculture and recreation positions the JM Ranch not only as a working ranch but also as a potential destination for a resort or corporate retreat.

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The strategic location of the ranch, merely 5.4 miles from downtown Chadron and 9.5 miles from Chadron Municipal Airport, ensures easy access while maintaining the necessary privacy for such an extensive property. Its proximity to major cities and airports enhances its appeal as a commercial enterprise.

Set in the friendly community of Chadron, the ranch reaps the benefits of local economic growth, educational institutions, and modern medical facilities. The town's evolution from a few wooden shacks in 1885 to a 21st-century economic hub in Nebraska provides a fascinating backdrop to the ranch.

The ranch's composition of dryland farm ground and native grasses supports a substantial cattle operation, backed by a climate conducive to agricultural productivity. The vast acreage and resources open up possibilities for expansion in cattle operations or diversification into other agricultural ventures.

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Priced at $5,500,000, the JM Ranch represents a significant investment with high potential returns, particularly considering its eligibility for a 1031 exchange, which offers tax advantages for prospective buyers. This aspect is particularly crucial in a time where financial efficiency and strategic investment are of paramount importance.

The JM Ranch offers more than just financial returns; it's a chance to own a piece of Nebraska's heartland, rich in history, natural beauty, and agricultural potential. It's an ideal venture for investors looking to capitalize on Nebraska's thriving agricultural sector while enjoying the scenic beauty and diversity of the Pine Ridge region. With its perfect blend of profitable agriculture, recreational amenities, and strategic location, the JM Ranch stands as a premier investment opportunity in today's market.

The JM Ranch
Jeff Garrett
T: + 1 308.672.6334

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