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The unique investment opportunity at 9760 Simpson Canyon Rd in Oregon offers an unparalleled blend of sustainability, luxury, and potential for diverse income-generating ventures on over 500 acres of scenic land.


9760 Simpson Canyon Rd


Tucked in the idyllic Plum Valley, the property at 9760 Simpson Canyon Rd merges eco-friendly luxury with vast investment potential. This estate, conveniently located just off Old Fort Road, provides easy access to shopping, the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), and Sky Lakes Medical Center, striking a perfect balance between seclusion and convenience.

Encompassing 542 acres across three parcels and five tax lots, this estate stands as a testament to both grandeur and sustainability. At the heart of the property is a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home, currently operating as a successful Airbnb, showcasing the property's ability to generate immediate revenue. Its placement in Plum Valley, an area celebrated for its expansive properties, privacy, and breathtaking views, further elevates its desirability.

The property's FR (Forest/Range) zoning opens up a multitude of development opportunities, each aligning with the increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly living. Potential ventures include the creation of a destination resort, a zip line park, forest products processing operations, a regulation golf course, or even a 7-home subdivision, pending the necessary permits. Additionally, its versatility lends itself to the establishment of a youth camp, guest ranch, hunting camp, private park and campground, utility facility for power generation, firearms training facility, mining, rock/gravel production, kennels, cemetery, and specialty animal raising. Each of these possibilities not only offers a unique business opportunity but also embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship and profitability.

9760 Simpson Canyon Rd
9760 Simpson Canyon Rd


Moreover, this expansive property represents a commitment to a lifestyle and a future defined by sustainability, luxury, and diversity, all available for $1,290,000. For the discerning investor, 9760 Simpson Canyon Rd presents a singular opportunity: the chance to develop a versatile paradise that caters to a broad spectrum of uses and business opportunities. This property is not merely about realizing its current value but about unlocking its immense future potential, crafting a legacy that seamlessly integrates the essence of nature with the ambition of enterprise, making it a strategic acquisition for those looking to invest in a sustainable and luxurious future.

9760 Simpson Canyon Rd
9760 Simpson Canyon Rd


9760 Simpson Canyon Rd offers a unique investment proposition, blending immediate revenue-generating potential with long-term development opportunities. Its strategic location, coupled with its extensive size and versatile zoning, positions it as an ideal candidate for a wide range of sustainable ventures. This property is not just a piece of land but a gateway to a future where luxury, sustainability, and profitability converge, making it an exceptional investment for those looking to make a significant impact in the real estate market.

For more information and a detailed prospectus, please contact:

Teena Genge
United Country- Jett Blackburn Real Estate Inc.
T: + 1 808.400.0643

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