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HX50 by Hill Helicopters

Hill Helicopter


Imagine the freedom of flying between meetings high above congested roads, departing for exotic, spur-of-the-moment adventures with family and friends, or effortlessly visiting distant relatives – and doing so in the comfort of your own aircraft. The new HX50 by Hill Helicopters brings those dreams to life with unprecedented style and elegance. The HX50 is able to easily carry five passengers with full-size luggage in unparalleled luxury, and the sleek, glass cabin offers spectacular panoramic views that transform each journey into a truly memorable experience. The helicopter – which Hill Helicopters describes as “the first aerial Grand Tourer ever built” – has also been ingeniously engineered to make genuine touring possible despite its compact size. Its dynamic, contemporary form conceals a muscular 500 horsepower turbine engine that allows for effortless vertical lift off, even when fully loaded, and serene cruising at a speed of 140 knots with a maximum range of 700 nautical miles.

Hill Helicopter_EI_PALH_SO20-4.jpg
Hill Helicopter_EI_PALH_SO20-3.jpg


The revolutionary HX50 will be open for pre-orders from October 2020. Price upon request.

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