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The Transformations of CoolRooms Hotels


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IN A WORLD of fast-paced technological advancements, it’s not often that we come across establishments that balance both modernity and cultural heritage. CoolRooms Hotels, a brand that was founded in 2018, stands out in this regard. Its mission is to transform historic and culturally rich spaces into luxurious and modern hotels, offering travelers a unique blend of the past and the present.

With locations in Madrid, Seville, and the recently opened Asturias, CoolRooms Hotels presents a unique escape for those in search of luxury, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

From the 34 spacious rooms housed in the Palacio de Atocha in Madrid, to the 50 individual rooms at the Palacio de Villapanés in Seville, to the 44 recently renovated rooms at the Palacio de Luces in Asturias, each hotel provides a distinct experience that transports guests away from the stresses of
daily life.

Experience the Ultimate Fusion of History, Luxury, and Art

Madrid is a city rich in history and cultural significance, and few establishments embody this as beautifully as the CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha. Nestled in the heart of the Barrio de las Letras district, this refurbished building dating back to 1852 offers guests a palatial experience that combines historical elegance with modern luxury.

One of the hotel’s key selling points is its location. Situated near some of Madrid’s most iconic cultural institutions, such as the Prado Museum and Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection, the Plaza Mayor, and the Sociedad Cervantina, the hotel provides travelers with a unique cultural experience in the heart of the city.

The 34 rooms and suites at the hotel are some of the largest in the city center, with sizes ranging from 34 to 104m2. The high ceilings, spacious proportions, and tastefully designed interiors, blending classical and contemporary styles, evoke a sense of grandeur and sophistication. The CoolSuites, in particular, are a standout feature of the hotel, offering private terraces, outdoor jacuzzis, and a creative atmosphere that inspires guests to tap into their artistic side.

Food and drink also play a significant role at the hotel, with Chef Eduardo Gutierrez overseeing the restaurant-terrace El Patio de Atocha. The menu, which features seasonal produce and traditional techniques, incorporates concepts such as Slow Food and organic cuisine, making it a must-try destination for food lovers. The bar lounge offers premium cocktails, while the beautifully decorated restaurant lounge is the perfect spot for an intimate and elegant dining experience.

Finally, the hotel’s commitment to art and creativity is evident in every aspect of its design and atmosphere. From the exquisite decor in the restaurant lounge to the artistic inspiration behind the CoolSuites, guests will feel surrounded by beauty and inspiration.

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Unique lighting design by Maria Covarrubias

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-3.jpg

Guest Suite at CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-4.jpg

Dine at El Patio de Atocha

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The CoolRooms Palacio de Villapanés, a once grand 18thcentury palace, has undergone a metamorphosis, transforming into a luxurious five-star property in the heart of Seville. This magnificent palace, rich in history and cultural heritage, is a prime example of the cultural significance the city holds.

The restoration of the palace has been done with great care, preserving many of its original details, including the noble shield of the main staircase, all the columns of the central courtyard, and the wooden doors. These elements add to the immense historical and patrimonial value of the palace, making it an exceptional destination for travelers.

Entry Hall of CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-6.jpg

Main Courtyard at Palacio de Villapanes

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-9.jpg

Orange Courtyard at Palacio de Villapanes

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-8.jpg

Guest Suite at CoolRooms Palacio de Villapanes

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-10.jpg

Mediterranean cuisine at Los Rincones del Marqués

Featuring 50 unique rooms in five different categories, each with its own story to tell, guests are sure to find comfort and luxury at every turn. The rooms come equipped with modern amenities, including Apple computers in Suites, Nespresso coffee machines, designer furniture, and 24- hour room service. The entire hotel team exudes cordiality and elegance, making guests feel at home.

At the palace’s restaurant, Los Rincones del Marqués, Chef Jorge Cortés prepares a delightful Mediterranean cuisine that embodies the essence of Andalusia. The dishes are accompanied by a carefully selected wine list, chosen by expert sommeliers for the perfect pairing.

The CoolRooms Palacio de Villapanés invites guests to unwind and relax in its serene environment. The interior courtyards, with their hidden treasures and the scent of orange blossom, offer a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The wellness area, complete with a hamam, sauna, gym, and beauty treatments, provides guests with the opportunity to rejuvenate their minds and body. The rooftop offers breathtaking views of La Giralda and provides a place to lounge on Balinese beds or take a dip in the plunge pool. The vibrant sunset of Seville is the perfect finale for an unforgettable experience at the CoolRooms Palacio de Villapanés.

If you’re seeking an unforgettable experience in Seville, the CoolRooms Palacio de Villapanés is the perfect place for you. Bringing together the best of historical elegance, cultural richness, modern comfort, and luxurious ambiance, this palace is a must-visit for travelers who want to create memories that will last a lifetime.


CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-7.jpg

Exquisite design details at Palacio de Villapanes

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-11.jpg

Solarium Rooftop at Palacio de Villapanes

Discover the Ultimate Blend of History, Nature, and Indulgence

Discover a hidden oasis in the heart of Asturias at Hotel CoolRooms Palacio de Luces, where the stunning views of the sea and the mountains create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. This historic palace, founded in 1580, has been beautifully restored, blending historic elegance with modern comfort, offering travelers a journey through time.

Experience the unique stories of each of the 44 beautifully renovated rooms and suites, some of which include private gardens.

Indulge in the flavors of Asturian cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant, Tella. Rejuvenate your mind and body at the hotel’s spa, which features a massage room, heated pool, sauna, Turkish bath, and more.

For adventure-seekers, the hotel offers a variety of excursions and activities, including quad rides, hiking, surfing lessons, fishing trips, and visits to local cheese factories and sheepfolds. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby courses.

Located just a short drive from the beautiful beaches of La Isla, Lastres, and La Griega and conveniently near cities such as Oviedo, Gijón, and Asturias Airport, Hotel CoolRooms Palacio de Luces is the perfect base for travelers seeking a natural escape and easy access to nearby attractions.

The palace reflects the architectural, cultural, and gastronomic influences brought back by its founder, Juan Victorero “El Viejo,” from his travels to the Americas.

Explore a replica of the Victorero family tree in the entrance hall, and admire the preserved fence at La Palmera Gastrobar, serving as a decorative element and historical reminder.

Escape to Hotel CoolRooms Palacio de Luces, where history, nature, and luxury come together to create a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing getaway or an adventurous trip, this hotel has something for everyone.

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-15.jpg

Unique view from CoolRooms Palacio de Luces

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-13.jpg

Guest Suite at CoolRooms Palacio de Luces

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-12.jpg

Exterior of Palacio de Luces

CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-16.jpg

CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha’s staircase; declared of cultural interest by the Spanish National Heritage Office

Celebrate the Perfect Balance of
Modern Luxury and Cultural Heritage

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the rich cultural heritage that surrounds us. CoolRooms Hotels recognizes the significance of preserving cultural heritage and has made it a central part of their brand philosophy.

With their luxurious establishments, they aim to not only provide guests with a comfortable and memorable escape but also to promote cultural awareness and appreciation.

The brand’s commitment to balancing modern luxury with historical elegance is what sets CoolRooms Hotels apart from other hotel brands. The combination of sophisticated amenities and timeless cultural heritage creates an un-paralleled travel experience that appeals to travelers from all backgrounds and interests. Whether you’re a culture buff looking for an educational escape or a weary traveler seeking rest and relaxation, CoolRooms Hotels has something for everyone.

In conclusion, CoolRooms Hotels stands out as a brand that not only prioritizes its guests’ comfort and satisfaction but also values and celebrates cultural heritage.
The brand’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage while offering a luxurious escape makes it a true gem in the world of travel and hospitality.


CoolRooms Editorial - Feb14-17.jpg

Family Crest by the staircase
at CoolRooms Palacio de

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