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Harry Winston Broadway Glasses

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Part scandalous, part necessity, part fashion statement, the lorgnette dates back to the 18th Century where the socialites used them not only to get a closer look at the opera stage but to eye a potential prospect in the crowd, or even scope out rivals as they entered.

Fashion historian, Cecil Willett Cunnington proclaimed, “Nearly every smartly dressed woman wears a lorgnette.”  Today, you can still expect to see a well-dressed woman in the balcony of the opera toting her lorgnette.  Attend a fabulous masquerade party, and you’ll be sure to see a lovely, mysterious lady hiding behind one.

Inspired by the 1930s, the pinnacle of the Art Deco Movement and the bright lights of NYC’s Broadway theater district, Harry Winston brings you this remarkable take on the lorgnette.  The incomparable Broadway Glasses by Harry Winston blends the sophisticated design of the classic lorgnette with the magnifying power of binoculars and the brilliant function of a Swiss quartz-powered timepiece.  White gold and titanium are entirely covered in showstopping diamonds, emeralds, and black onyx to create this ultimate feminine accessory.

Whether you are planning to head to Lincoln Center for the next opera, attending a charity ball, or looking for some mystique for your next masquerade party, the Broadway Glasses by Harry Winston will sure to make heads turn and you the center of it all!

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