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Arnold & Sons
Globetrotter Gold

A&S GT STEEL OPALIN_face up.jpg
A&S GT STEEL BLUE_back.jpg
A&S GT STEEL BLUE_profile.jpg


Arnold & Son follows the recent debut of the Globetrotter Gold, now introducing an updated stainless steel version of its famed world-time watch. Globetrotter design. Its steel case coordinates perfectly with the steel bridge that stretches across the map of the northern hemisphere. Offering unparalleled aesthetics, this “world time” complication watch harnesses all the design skills and finishing dexterity of Arnold & Son, while building on the prestigious lineage of marine chronometers that John Arnold created for the British Navy in the 18th century, instruments of precision time telling renowned for centuries, the world over.

The Globetrotter Steel preserves the Earth’s half-globe and sapphire crystal ring, which together make it possible to read the time north of the equator. A choice of two dials is available, and both feature a lacquered sunburst motif: one in silvery-white of numbered pieces with no set production limit, and another more exclusive edition in tonal blue, which is limited to only 88 pieces.

The Globetrotter Steel Blue is priced at CHF 18,900 and the opaline at CHF 17,900 ( prices are before tax and are subject to change).

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