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Inspired by raw earth Italian ceramic company Ceramiche Keope’s newest collection, GEO adds a silky touch to your walls and floors.

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Since its beginning in 1995, Italian-based Ceramiche Keope has designed and manufactured porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings with products in more than 80 countries. They have solutions with a refined design and high technical performance for indoor, outdoor, commercial, and residential spaces. Ceramiche Keope products do not emit organic substances, do not cause allergies, and are easy to maintain. Their newest line, GEO, is a tactile collection that returns to the roots of ceramics and revises its original beauty to create cozy and elegant indoor spaces while feeling like silk in your hands. Its seductive beauty conjures up informal atmospheres, where extremely smooth and soft-to-the-touch surfaces transform an imperfection into a precious detail.

The natural palette of the earth inspires GEO’s color range. The collection, imbued with its ancient charm, ranges from the soft white of the Mediterranean salt marshes to the golden sand of a Saharan landscape, to more neutral and cold tones, typical of fine clays or leaden skies, and ultimately arriving at darker nuances, a potent reminder of raw earth in its duskier side with a warm and delicate medium-light brown, enriched by full and enveloping autumnal shades.

A sophisticated, medium-light color palette comprises six shades that can be mixed and matched. The soft luminosity of white finds its opposite in walnut, a slightly pink autumn hazelnut. Ivory and beige are the most golden and sandy shades in the range, while the collection explores more neutral hues with silver and grey.

The GEO collection is available in various sizes for indoor use - 120x120, 60x120, 80x80, 40x80, 60x60, and 30x60 - with a smooth R9 finish and Structured R10 (60x120-60x60), as well as in an outdoor version with an R11 coefficient in 20mm thick K2 for the sizes 120x120, 60x120 and 60x60 in 4 colors. 3D relief decorations Shape and Wire, in size 60x120, and the 30x30 Mosaic, complete the series.

GEO, which masterfully reproduces the look of raw earth and brings to mind material resins, is ideally suited for use in refined private and commercial spaces.

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