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As a significant uptick in renovations reverberates through the design industry, interest in new appliances and renovated kitchens are through the roof, and Gaggenau’s advanced 400 Series Vario Downdraft Ventilation System assists in the strive for culinary perfection without distraction in today’s busy command center.



The humble heart of the home serves up more than just food these days. Kitchens have evolved into offices, classrooms, social venues, and restaurants. Gaggenau’s advanced 400 Series Vario Downdraft Ventilation System removes distraction to the senses of sight, sound, and smell; it focuses attention upon the uninterrupted views, beautiful design, the sound of conversation, the aroma of prepared cuisine, and most of all, the taste.

Staying true to their Professional Kitchen Principle - that is, designing appliances to perform exceptionally, while inspiring the home chef to create culinary masterpieces, their latest iteration, the Vario 400 Series Downdraft Ventilation, is an entirely new re-engineered solution—drawing odor and vapor down into the countertop before they have a chance to offend. Gaggenau, the inventor of downdraft ventilation in Europe in 1976, has evolved its original concept to a new level of performance. The Vario 400 Series Downdraft Ventilation pays testament boasting advanced noise reduction, optimized air management, and design flexibility to remove sensory distractions so you can enjoy your company and culinary creations – all without a traditional hood.



The modularity of the integrated system not only allows for the perfect combination of ventilation and a customized cooktop assortment—Teppan Yaki, gas, wok, electric grill, and induction—but also offers design flexibility with the ability to be placed against a wall or in an island thus creating a social space within the kitchen where the host can face guests and family members while cooking.

Featuring an all-new automatic function, guided by an air quality sensor that detects odor and reacts automatically; the key to its performance is the intuitive automatic function, which self-regulates the ventilation power settings while the cooktops are in use. An integrated hyper-reactive air quality sensor automatically detects odor and steam. It quietly extracts them from the room, using the lowest power setting necessary - thus eliminating the need to monitor the air quality so the chef can concentrate on creating exceptional cuisine.

The new Vario 400 Series Downdraft Ventilation also integrates with Home Connect, which monitors filter saturation levels, adjusting the air quality sensor, and sending a notification when the filters need to be reset or regenerated.

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