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Falcon 10X



For some private travelers, generous space and ample amenities define mile-high luxury. For others, it is a smooth, stable flight even through inclement weather. These markers of luxury are available in the all-new Dassault Falcon 10X Rev4, which was unveiled in May this year in Paris.

The largest purpose-built business jet, the Dassault Falcon 10X’s cabin, is about 15 percent larger than those of other ultralong-range aircraft. Its cabin height is 2.03m, which is currently the tallest in the industry. Owners can use this extra space to customize more generous sleeping and showering spaces or install bespoke entertainment and lounge areas in their aircraft. Boasting windows around 50 percent bigger than those of the Falcon 8X, the Falcon 10X leads business jets in this aspect, which helps brighten the entire cabin during the daytime.

While previous Falcons were optimized around long-range cruise of .80 Mach, The Falcon 10X has a high-aspect-ratio wing, new aerodynamics, and is optimized for 7,500 nm range at Mach .85m with a top speed of Mach .95. Thus, the 10X can conquer long distances such as Tokyo to London nonstop.

The Dassault Falcon X is priced at $75M.

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