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Simone Jewels
Fabergé Delight Pendant

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Fabergé eggs are amongst the world’s most celebrated jeweled creations—renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and intricate mechanisms, they have inspired jewelers for generations. Award-winning Singaporean designer Simone Ng, founder of Simone Jewels, was first inspired by Russian heritage in 2011 with her From Russia With Love collection. To mark 15 years of her luxury brand she has revisited the collection, which is characterized by the guilloché technique that is used to achieve the elaborate enameling of Fabergé eggs.

The highlight of the new collection is the one-of-a-kind, diamond-encrusted Fabergé Delight pendant, which is handcrafted over five months and available to purchase for US$22,550. “It encapsulates the finest elements of Russian heritage and is deeply inspired by the Russian Ballet scene,” says Ng. “The design captures the silhouettes of the tutu and the stage settings in miniature form.” Open the ruby adorned clasp of the white and rose gold egg to reveal a miniature ballerina crafted from gold in a flowing white enamel dress.

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