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This summer, elevate your dining experience with SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG's Paraíso Blue, launching in June 2024.

A testament to luxury dining, this collection merges the splendor of nature with opulent design. Each piece, adorned with vibrant images of tropical flora and fauna, transforms meals into exotic journeys.

Michael Sieger's meticulous design introduces an element of discovery, with a hand-polished gold star on each item adding a touch of gourmet elegance. The collection's blue-grey palette, accented by fine lines, evokes an intimate trattoria vibe, inviting the enjoyment of life's simple pleasures at home.

Paraíso Blue's 35-piece set blends finesse with functionality, offering thin yet durable porcelain and 24K gold that is both dishwasher-safe and versatile for mixing and matching. As part of the globally celebrated MY CHINA! series, Paraíso Blue continues SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG's legacy of crafting unique dining experiences, now with 11 diverse variants for personalization.

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