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Dream Designs In Milan

A Luxury Interior Makeover Journey with Nina Magon

Nina Magon Design Experience In Milan
Nina Magon Design Experience In Milan
Nina Magon Design Experience In Milan


Calling all aficionados of exquisite interiors and timeless design! Embark on an extraordinary journey to Milan, the heart of Italian luxury and style, with the celebrated interior designer Nina Magon. Renowned for her ability to weave together bold, innovative elements with a touch of classic elegance, Magon offers an unparalleled opportunity to transform your living space into a masterpiece of design. This exclusive experience, crafted for the discerning home design lover, promises not only a personal home redesign by Magon herself but also an immersive exploration of Milanese luxury.


In collaboration with Adrian Dueñas, a connoisseur of luxury furniture and the visionary behind BeDesign, you will embark on a curated selection process for the finest Italian-made furniture, ensuring your space reflects the pinnacle of global design trends. This adventure also includes a lavish four-day stay in Milan at a prestigious five-star hotel, accompanied by a guest of your choosing. Indulge in the culinary excellence of Michelin-starred dining, gain privileged access to private museum tours, and immerse yourself in the exclusive world of Italian furniture design.


The highlight of your Milanese voyage is a generous $100,000 voucher for purchasing Italian furniture, handpicked during private visits to celebrated design factories. This unique opportunity allows for intimate interactions with the CEOs of leading luxury brands, offering insights into the world of elite design. Complement your design expedition with a picturesque day trip to Lake Como, enjoying the serene beauty of Italy's famed lakeside vistas.


As a memento of this unparalleled designer experience, 20 autographed copies of Nina Magon's latest publication, "Evoke," will be yours to share upon your return. This treasure trove of design philosophy, published by Monacelli, serves as a lasting reminder of your journey through the world of luxury interior design, making "Dream Designs in Milan" an experience beyond compare.


Priced at $380,000

Call Neiman Marcus at +1 877.966.4438 for more information.

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