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Elite II

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The HondaJet Elite II represents a groundbreaking shift in human mobility, reimagining the possibilities of business jet travel. It has revolutionized the very light jet travel sector, making the benefits of business jet travel accessible to a broader user base. Honda Aircraft Company is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of tomorrow's change-makers through new technologies and innovative design, delivering an efficient productivity tool for a diverse user base.

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as Over-The-Wing-Engine Mount (OTWEM), natural laminar flow (NLF) design, and a carbon-fiber composite fuselage. This innovation enables the Elite II to outperform its competitors in terms of range, speed, service ceiling, and cabin size. Moreover, it offers sustainability benefits with significantly greater fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The aircraft also features upcoming automations like Autothrottle and Emergency Autoland, enhancing safety and convenience. Overall, the HondaJet Elite II represents a remarkable shift in the aviation industry, making it "the Civic of the Skies."

The base price for the HondaJet Elite II is $6.95M.

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