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Daniel Ashley Co.

Daniel Ashley Co


Through the pillars of sourcing, creating, adapting, and experiencing, the essence of luxury inspired Daniel Livschitz’s members-only bespoke fashion house, Daniel Ashley Co. With advanced degrees in materials science and engineering, Livschitz leveraged his technical expertise in the material creation process to curate the finest and rarest fibers globally, while also collaborating with renowned artisans. His vision materializes in exquisite collections that merge old-world craftsmanship with modern innovation, resulting in unparalleled pieces that embody the zenith of sartorial excellence. Daniel Ashley Co. strategically blends old and new, culturally and materially, by sourcing unique components from as far back as 1438 to the modern day.

Membership at Daniel Ashley Co. is by application only, ensuring that every piece meets the highest standards of opulence and exclusivity. In 2024, Daniel Ashley Co. introduced its “Series I,” a global initiative featuring numerous collaborations, textile partnerships, and an expansion into lifestyle offerings. This initiative highlights the house's commitment to pushing the boundaries of luxury fashion, creating a holistic experience that transcends mere clothing. The $10,000 boxers, crafted from 100% Vicuña wool, 24K gold thread, and solid 18K gold buttons, exemplify this ethos. These rare pieces, limited to just ten pairs, come in a display box made of Nero Marquina Marble, accompanied by a rubbed bronze statue and a numbered bronze plaque, underscoring the exclusivity and timeless value of each creation.

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