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Neiman Marcus
Baccarat Experience



Dear connoisseurs of the finer things in life, brace yourselves for an immersive experience that will take your appreciation of luxury to dazzling new heights. For the very first time, Baccarat invites you to step into a world of opulence that begins at the award-winning Baccarat Hotel New York. Your journey unfolds with a Spa de La Mer experience, where relaxation reaches new heights, setting the tone for the indulgence to come. A private shopping appointment at the hotel's 53rd Street Boutique ensures that you're adorned in style.
But wait, the grandeur doesn't stop there. A dinn

er curated by Culinary Director and Michelin-starred Chef Gabriel Kreuther promises a culinary voyage that's nothing short of exquisite. Savor every bite, for this is just the prelude to your crystal-infused adventure.

Next stop? Paris, the city of lights and love. Here, you'll embark on a private tour of Maison Baccarat, unearthing the brand's centuries of pioneering history. Explore how Baccarat continues to influence culture, setting trends that have captivated the world for generations. And of course, there's a meal at the renowned Cristal Room, where artistry is not confined to crystal alone.



But the pièce de résistance awaits in Ville de Baccarat—the very heart of where it all began. Here, you'll discover the birthplace of Baccarat and the secrets behind the world's purest crystal. Guided tours of the Baccarat factory will introduce you to generations of visionary artisans, carrying forward a tradition of excellence that's unrivaled. And, as the grand finale, you'll have the incredible opportunity to blow your very own crystal masterpiece—a memory etched in the crystal itself.

This immersive crystal experience is a rarity that doesn't just immerse you in luxury; it immerses you in history, craftsmanship, and the purest of crystal dreams. It's an adventure that will leave you breathless, not just from the beauty of the crystal, but from the sheer magnificence of the entire journey.

Priced at $75,000.00 or +1 877.966.4438

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