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Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers
Dual Moon Grand Complication

Dual Moon Grand_EI-1.jpg
Dual Moon Grand_EI-2.jpg
Dual Moon Grand_EI-3.jpg


The Dual Moon Grand Complication is a highly complex model distinguished by the legibility of its hourly and astronomical functions, stemming from Vacheron Constantin’s characteristic design quest focused on the essentials. A single-piece edition created by Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers department, this double-sided Dual Moon Grand Complication watch has 11 time-related and astronomical complications regulated by a tourbillon and enhanced by a minute repeater emits a rare degree of elegance.

There is perfect legibility of the functions and meticulous care devoted to the details of the decoration and finishing. The front features the precision dual moon-phase display, with its age, an impressive show staged in the dial center and complemented by the hours, minutes, and perpetual calendar indicators.

Astronomical indications appear on the reverse side of the watch with the time of the sidereal day – which is four minutes shorter than the civil day – and with a sky chart showing the position of the constellations in real-time. The back of the watch also features an opening revealing the tourbillon and its Maltese cross-shaped carriage.

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