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Diamond Spas, Inc. is committed to providing customized pools and spas in gorgeous, gleaming

natural copper or stainless steel. Round, square, rectangular, oval, elliptical, kidney shaped, or

abstract – if you can imagine it, they can create it.



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A custom stainless steel or copper spa that is part of the permanent outdoor design of your living space - be it for a home, yacht, or rooftop - with customized features such as waterfalls or other bespoke amenities is Diamond Spas, Inc.’s forte. Pools, swim spas, glass walled pools and spas, cold therapy pools, and luxury indoor and outdoor baths can bring joy and serenity to your environment and is the heart and soul of Diamond’s work.

Stephanie and Tom Bennett co-founded their company in 1996. Tom began welding in his youth and that experience in the welding trade and his business ethics along with Stephanie Bennett’s marketing skills has proven to be a winning combination for them. Overseeing each product from start to finish and building an artistic, durable, sophisticated aquatic vessel solely for the pleasure of their clients has been their end goal for the last 23 years.

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We asked Stephanie what some of the current trends in spa design might be and the options are literally endless: “Fabricating vessels with acrylic or glass panels in combination with stainless steel and copper has become more popular. We can place the panels anywhere in the pool or spa such as the floor, side walls, or infinity edges. Multiple seating areas, hydrotherapy exercise areas, cool down areas, vanishing edges, waterfalls, water features, optic fiber lighting, and LED lighting can create endless options.”

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The scope of their work also has inspired the construction of super yachts. “Stainless steel is lightweight and structural which is perfect for yacht building. Our engineers work closely with naval architects and yacht builders for creative ways to store water using custom surge tanks and valuing.” She explained that yacht projects usually take four to five months from beginning to final delivery depending on the complexity of the project.

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Diamond Spas, Inc. has been involved in many elite and unique projects spanning the globe. They have fabricated pools and spas for superyachts, cruise ships, movie stars, politicians, famous athletes, five-star hotels, college campuses and high-end homeowners who wish beautiful, functional fabrication to satisfy specific wishes and needs that reflect their lifestyle and to provide a level of visionary luxury and relaxation well into the future.

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