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In the birthplace of America, Timberlane’s Founder Rick Skidmore brings wood, workmanship, and wonder together.




In a world where the rapid pace of life often demands quick fixes and off-the-shelf solutions, Timberlane stands as a testament to the enduring allure of custom craftsmanship and the power of personal relationships. Behind its doors lies the story of a man driven by passion, authenticity, and an unyielding commitment to quality.

Rick Skidmore’s journey to Timberlane’s inception is one of aspiration, introspection, and serendipity. While working in financial services, Skidmore, an avid DIYer and a woodwork enthusiast, saw potential where others saw just wood and nails. Uninspired by the market’s offerings for his Bucks County Pennsylvania home’s shutters, he melded his skills and memories from his father’s workshop, creating something truly personal.

This desire for uniqueness soon blossomed into Timberlane. Recognizing the depth of woodwork skills required, Skidmore leaned on his father’s expertise, forging not only standout shutters, but cherished memories along the way.

Horsham Residence


Yet, with the vinyl and disposable mentality revolution changing the facade of homes, Skidmore’s relentless drive saw him innovate once more. Rejecting the artificial allure of modern materials, Timberlane embarked on a journey to craft synthetic shutters with the soul of wood. The result? Endurian – a proprietary blend so pristine it stands shoulder-to- shoulder with its wooden counterparts.

Why this insistence on authenticity? For Rick, it’s about catering to the purists and those who value historical accuracy, as well as recognizing the nuanced needs of modern homeowners. With the firm belief that every home has a unique story to tell, Timberlane ensures that its shutters speak the right language, be it through the rich grains of old growth Mahogany or the adaptable nature of Endurian.

This commitment to personalization is evident in Timberlane’s design process. Guiding homeowners through their visions, the team draws upon a rich tapestry of louvered, raised panel, and custom cutout designs, ensuring each shutter resonates with its home’s historical and regional ethos.

The shutter-crafting journey, painstaking in its precision, unfolds in Timberlane’s sprawling 80,000 square foot facility. Each piece, whether mahogany or synthetic, is touched by skilled hands, undergoing meticulous processes before gracing homes.



But Timberlane’s story doesn’t stop at shutters. With ambitions reaching as far as the Caribbean and European coasts, Skidmore envisions a future where Timberlane becomes synonymous with bespoke elegance in every home facet.

Yet, at its core, Timberlane’s success lies not just in the materials or machines but the people behind them. From his early days, Skidmore envisioned a space where every individual mattered. Today, he credits his team as the true architects of Timberlane’s grandeur, turning visionary dreams into tangible masterpieces.

Having graced the illustrious pages of Inc. Magazine 6 times as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, Timberlane’s legacy is a testament to what happens when passion meets perseverance. For those yearning to witness this fusion of history, artistry, and innovation, a visit to Timberlane’s facility, located 45 minutes from center city Philadelphia, promises a treat for the senses.

Discover Timberlane’s world at their factory and showroom, or dive into their digital realm to experience their repertoire of styles and projects at

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