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Bridging Traditions and Modernity in
Toan Nguyen’s Design


Stilt Colection.jpg


Toan Nguyen, a design visionary with French and Vietnamese origins, unveils his latest creation for District Eight: the Stilt collection. With a masterful blend of formal minimalism and a deep-rooted connection to his Vietnamese heritage, Nguyen introduces a collection that harmoniously merges tradition and modern design, functionality and aesthetics, all while prioritizing environmental consciousness and product excellence.

The Stilt collection stands as a testament to Nguyen’s innovative and unexpectedly captivating approach to design. Born from his multidimensional perspective and poetic sensibility, this collection for District Eight is a true marriage of technology and craftsmanship, creating a dialogue that celebrates the interplay between humanity and nature.

At the core of the collection lies the artful use of oak wood, a nod to Vietnam’s iconic stilt houses. This structural choice not only pays homage to cultural heritage but also serves as a foundation for the collection’s identity. Nguyen ingeniously combines oak wood with steel, infusing the pieces with a distinctive cultural aura.

Toan Nguyen elaborates, stating, “The metal completes the construction, playing an essential role in stabilizing the structure while lightening the silhouette. As much as the wood is generous and round, so the metal is its exact opposite.”

One of the standout pieces from The Stilt collection is the chaise lounge. Drawing inspiration from the design acumen of traditional seats, Nguyen reinvents the concept with a twist. The chaise lounge incorporates adaptable comfort through a unique rocking element and a welcoming base support, seamlessly fusing innovation with comfort.

Nguyen’s Stilt collection extends beyond physical form; it embodies a narrative that transcends cultural and design boundaries. With each piece, he invites individuals to explore the delicate balance between heritage and progress, between age-old traditions and contemporary aesthetics. The collection serves as a reflection of Toan Nguyen’s own journey, bridging gaps between his varied influences and crafting an artistic legacy that harmonizes human ingenuity with the natural world.

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