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In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary architecture, one finds a sanctuary of sorts, a haven for those who seek not just shelter but a profound connection with the natural world. This sanctuary is meticulously crafted by the virtuosos of Swatt Miers Architects, a Bay Area firm revered for their unwavering commitment to timeless design that reverently celebrates the natural environment.


swatt miers


In an age where architectural trends ebb and flow with capriciousness, Swatt Miers Architects (SMA) stands as a sentinel of tradition, elegantly intertwining the quintessential mid-20th century architectural forms of Los Angeles and Palm Springs with the revered Third Bay Area Tradition. At the heart of this architectural dialogue lies Sea Ranch, a utopian planned community nestled along the Pacific Coast in Northern California. It is here, amidst the tranquil embrace of nature, that SMA finds its muse.

Robert Swatt, FAIA, co-founder of SMA, is a visionary whose roots extend from the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles to the intellectual crucible of the University of California, Berkeley. His upbringing in the land of early California modern masters, a terrain defined by pioneers like Ray Kappe, reverberates through his work. Kappe, an influential architect and educator and co-founder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), is one of Swatt’s notable influences. It is this lineage that informs SMA’s distinctive “warm modern” aesthetic.

swatt miers
swatt miers
swatt miers
swatt miers


Swatt’s partner in design, George Miers, AIA, hailing from the heart of Texas and raised in San Francisco, brings a rich tapestry of influences that enrich SMA’s philosophy. Miers, who honed his craft under the tutelage of acclaimed post-modernists Charles Moore and Ricardo Legoretta, as well as the classicist Dolf Schnebli, embodies the studio’s commitment to a rigorous approach and innovative thinking.

Central to SMA’s ethos is a set of fundamental principles for modern architecture that ensures their creations are “knitted to the land.” This philosophy emphasizes a deep reverence for the natural context, treating each project as a harmonious extension of its surroundings. SMA designs from the inside out, forging horizontal and vertical connections that seamlessly blur the line between the interior and the exterior.

Swatt articulates this approach eloquently, stating, “We approach projects with a curious mind and bring thoughtfulness and consistency to our designs. It takes work to create a structure that is resonant in its simplicity and feels right.”

Miers adds a distinctive note to this architectural symphony with a philosophy akin to jazz music. SMA’s designs are a reflection of their ability to harmonize with the diverse occupants of their buildings. From luxury residences to companion animal facilities, SMA’s versatility emerges from their commitment to consistency and innovative thinking.

swatt miers
swatt miers

The hallmark of SMA’s artistry is vividly evident in their custom designed residence nestled in the embrace of Lafayette, California. Situated on a 2.3-acre parcel bordering a year-round creek, this 10,800-square foot structure is a testament to their architectural acumen. A key strategy was to re-use the footprint of a pre-existing home, preserving the mature landscaping that envelops the site, creating a harmonious dialogue between the new and the old.

Materials are chosen with warmth and nature in mind, with Western Red Cedar, Travertine, and Douglas Fir making their presence felt throughout. A grand two-story great room, central to the “H” shape of the structure, connects living spaces with grace. Expansive windows from Quantum Windows & Doors draw the outside world into the living spaces.

The design unfolds with elegance and symmetry. The master suite, perched atop the home office and guest suite, becomes a tranquil retreat. Meanwhile, the children’s wing hovers above the kitchen and family room, ensuring each corner of the residence resonates with life.

In the hands of Swatt Miers Architects, architecture becomes an art form. Each creation is a timeless ode to nature and a harmonious embrace of its inhabitants. SMA’s dedication to the “warm modern” aesthetic is a testament to the enduring power of tradition, seamlessly fused with the aspirations of contemporary living. Through their work, they remind us that architecture can be both a shelter and a soulful connection to the world around us.

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