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Abner Henry and Sasha Bikoff ‘s latest must-have, “The Eliza Console,” redefines luxury living with its masterful integration of Amish craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, making it the perfect statement piece for the modern connoisseur.




Nestled in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country, where tradition and craftsmanship reign supreme, Abner Henry Furniture stands as a testament to innovative design fused with age-old furniture making techniques. Founded by Ernest Hershberger, a visionary third-generation Amish woodworker, the brand is a celebrated pioneer in combining traditional woodworking skills with contemporary aesthetics.

Abner Henry’s commitment to creating beautifully crafted, highly customizable furniture is exemplified in their recent collaboration with renowned interior designer Sasha Bikoff. Known for her bold and eclectic designs, Bikoff brings a vibrant, modern twist to the classic craftsmanship of Abner Henry.

A centerpiece of this collaboration is “The Eliza Console,” a stunning fusion of form and function. This piece features a unique combination of a floor-length mirror seamlessly integrated with a console, crafted from the finest maple and red oak. The design not only highlights the natural beauty of the wood but also incorporates modern design elements that are signature to Bikoff ’s style.

“The Eliza Console” is part of a broader line of occasional furniture that exemplifies the synergy between Abner Henry’s artisanal techniques and Bikoff ’s contemporary vision. Available exclusively through interior designers and trade showrooms, this collaboration ensures a bespoke, luxury experience for every client, further emphasizing the exclusive, high-end positioning of Abner Henry in the market.

With every piece crafted, Abner Henry and Sasha Bikoff demonstrate that luxury is best served when it marries the rich heritage of the past with the dynamic trends of the present, making each creation not just a piece of furniture but a timeless addition to any sophisticated living space.

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