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Five Shadows emerges as a beacon of design, eloquently narrating a tale of harmonious coexistence with nature at the foothills of the Teton Mountain Range.


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Nestled at the western edge of a bustling development, this compound finds its sanctuary, standing as a sentinel at the fringes of a lush meadow, bordered by the poetic aspen and conifer forest cascading from Rendezvous Peak. Its elevation, subtle yet significant, crafts a realm of privacy, shielding itself from the prying eyes of neighboring buildings. The strategic placement of windows acts not just as apertures to the soul of the house but as carefully curated frames capturing the sweeping vistas of the Gros Ventre Range. It’s as if every window has been positioned to compose a living portrait of the landscape.

Spanning a grand 12,870 square feet, Five Shadows pays homage to the rustic charm of a homesteader’s settlement while simultaneously breaking the mold with its avant-garde design. The compound is a harmonious conglomeration of five symmetrical, agrarian-inspired forms, each a testament to the beauty of minimalism. These forms are not mere structures; they are the embodiment of an architectural philosophy that speaks volumes through its understated elegance.

The compound is thoughtfully segmented to serve its extensive residential program. The largest form, akin to the heart of the compound, pulsates with life, housing the public spaces. The peripheral structures, meanwhile, are sanctuaries of solitude, offering tranquil retreats for bedrooms and a den. The interplay of the three central forms, connected by glassy corridors, is nothing short of architectural poetry. They lie in parallel but offset alignment, creating a rhythmic visual dance that is both captivating and calming.

Five Shadows.jpg
Five Shadows


Architecture: CLB Architects
Interior Design: Philip Nimmo
Contractor: KWC, LLC
Landscape: Hershberger Design
Civil Engineer: Nelson Engineering
Structural Engineer: KL&A, Inc.
Mechanical Engineer: JM Engineering
Electrical Engineer: Helius Lighting Group

Five Shadows.jpg


Outdoor spaces are not mere appendages but integral characters in this architectural narrative. From the auto court that greets you upon entry to the west-facing courtyard cradling an aspen grove, and the south-facing pool terrace, each space is a distinct chapter in the story of Five Shadows, offering varied yet cohesive experiences.

The choice of materials speaks to the ethos of understated luxury. Exteriors of stone with subtle steel accents are juxtaposed against the warm interior palette of rift-sawn white oak and white plaster. This simplicity is deceptive, for it is born from rigorous precision in alignments and geometries, a testament to the painstaking craftsmanship that underpins the entire structure.

In Five Shadows, every element, every line, and every form has been meticulously considered to foster not just a house, but a sanctuary. It’s a celebration of privacy, serenity, and an unbreakable bond with the outdoors. This architectural masterpiece isn’t just built; it’s composed, with each element contributing to a harmonious symphony of design that resonates with the soul of its environment.

Five Shadows.jpg
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