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Valle de Bravo, a picturesque town in Mexico, now hosts an architectural marvel that embodies the synergy of man-made structure and natural beauty.




Perched on a cliff overlooking the serene Valle de Bravo Lake, the SIMBIOSIS Residence sprawls across a 1,000m² plot. The complex terrain and dense population of the area posed a unique challenge, shaping the conception of this residence into an organic, visually gentle masterpiece. Its design not only responds to the intricacies of the land but also merges seamlessly with its environment.

The residence’s name, “Symbiosis”, is inspired by the biological concept of mutualistic interaction. This ethos is evident in the myriad green spaces, hydrological corridors, and gardens that interweave with the living areas, offering occupants a harmonious blend of nature and luxury.
Every element of the SIMBIOSIS Residence is oriented to maximize the breathtaking lake views. The diverse volumes that house the living spaces ensure a panoramic experience, while architectural innovations moderate seasonal sunlight, ensuring comfort without sacrificing aesthetics.



The residence unfolds over three distinctive levels. Level O is the social heart of the dwelling. Whether in the living room, dining area, or the expansive terrace with a Jacuzzi, the vista remains mesmerizing. Level 1 extends beyond leisure and entertainment spaces, encompassing two lake-facing bedrooms, ensuring that occupants awaken to nature’s artwork each day. Defined by privacy and elegance, Level 2 features a master bedroom—a sanctuary complete with its own pond and waterfall. Another bedroom and a parking area are also located on this level, linked by a corridor adorned with curated art. Bridging these levels is a work of art in itself: a spiral staircase paired with a glass-encased circular elevator, enveloped by lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls, and tranquil ponds.


Journeying to the lowest part of the residence feels like descending into a lavish grotto, guiding you to the “Club del Lago”. This space is an entertainment oasis, complete with a pool, lounge, dining area, and even a dock for boating aficionados.

Adjacent to the main building is the “Guest House”, boasting two lavish, hotel-like suites, each offering majestic lake views. Atop this structure, the “roof garden” further amplifies the harmonious merger of human ingenuity and natural allure.

In the realm of architecture, few names echo with the fervor and creativity of Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos. Established in 2011, the firm represents more than just a team of architects—it’s a collective of visionaries. They champion the fusion of art, design, and architecture, sculpting spaces that transcend mere functionality to become experiences. From urban projects to commercial storefronts, their designs stand as tributes to their philosophy and unmatched expertise. The SIMBIOSIS Residence is yet another testament to their conviction that aesthetics and comfort are integral to architectural excellence.

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