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As Euromobil expands its kitchen offerings, SEI,
designed by Marc Sadler, evolves to become a
chef’s second-in-command.


SEI cucina dettaglio
SEI cucina dettaglio
SEI cucina dettaglio.jpg


SEI Kitchen with an island equipped with a top and front drawer in Natural Stone Quarzite Palladium Arte Matt finish, base units in PINK anodized lacquer, a snack top, and stools in black-ragged elm. On the wall, base units and wall units in dark finish sandblasted chestnut, top and front drawer in aged stainless steel, Black anodized aluminum wings, and PINK anodized lacquered back panel.

Island dimensions (without snack): 2712 x 1270 mm

Wall kitchen dimensions (complete with Quinte): 6000 x 2940 mm

Design, Innovation, Tradition, and Family are four constants for the fifty-year-old Euromobil. They are one of the first companies to produce modular kitchens, handcrafted and made in Italy. Their kitchens are architectural installations specially designed and customized for their environment. In collaboration with designer Marc Sadler, their SEI line metamorphosed into a precision-engineered kitchen essentially designed to fit your space and meet the needs of everyone from an amateur to seasoned chef de cuisine.

Sadler aimed to offer a functional product that could give free rein to creativity within its aesthetics—adding new material categories, such as matt embossed lacquer, innovative and exclusive anodized lacquer, sandblasted chestnut wood, an exclusive unique natural quartzite Palladium Arte matt finish, as well as an update of the existing Fenix finishes, and expanding range of colors, and storage solutions.

From Venice to Copacabana, from Paris to New York, SEI travels undisturbed, adapting completely to its host environment, always maintaining its uniqueness and unmistakable design.

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