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Burdifilek’s artistic voyage in yacht design culminates in the exquisite creation of the Entourage, a 63m masterpiece that seamlessly blends understated luxury with a harmonious connection to the natural beauty of the sea.




In the realm of high-end design, few projects capture the imagination quite like the crafting of a luxury yacht. This is the territory where Burdifilek, a renowned Toronto-based interior design firm, has embarked on its maiden yacht design venture, resulting in the stunning 63m long Entourage. Built by Damen Yachting, Entourage is not just a vessel, but a sanctuary of tranquility, eschewing opulent flamboyance for an understated elegance that speaks volumes.

The design ethos of Burdifilek is one of composed luxury, where the grandeur of the yacht does not compete with nature but complements it, creating a seamless transition from the beauty of the ocean to the interior spaces. Diego Burdi, Creative Director and Founding Partner at Burdifilek, emphasizes this harmony, “We wanted the exterior surrounding to start the visual dialogue with the interior environment... The initial impression is rather understated, and creating understated luxury was key during the design process.”



Interior Design Firm: BURDIFILEK
Exterior Design: Espen Oeino
Naval Architecture: Damen Yachting
Yacht Builder: Damen Yachting
Broker, Project & Charter Manager: Moran Yacht & Ship
Interior Fit Out Contractor: MVS & Associates S.A.
Lighting Consultant: Marcel Dion Lighting Design



Upon entering the main deck, one is greeted by a fusion of sky and sea, with expansive windows framing breathtaking views, complemented by fumed-oak finishes and a carefully curated selection of furniture. These elements work together to create a contemporary classic masterpiece that is both elegant and inviting.

The yacht’s interior design is a journey of discovery. A staircase enveloped in soft leather and metal strikes a balance between elegance and artistic expression. Indirect lighting and splashes of color add an element of surprise, while the stateroom combines clean lines, soft textures, and a pastel color palette to evoke sophistication and tranquility.

As one ascends the staircase, the changing landscape is mirrored by the interior design. Layered ceiling planes and soft lighting create a cozy, inviting ambiance, with furniture selections that enhance the space’s unbuttoned and welcoming feel. Burdi notes the importance of their approach, “A considered environment can’t be underestimated... there was a commitment to a perfect level of execution from everyone involved.



Functionality and beauty coexist seamlessly on Entourage. The cocktail bar, reminiscent of a cabinet of curiosities, reveals a sophisticated color palette and textural interplay that is both lush and inviting. The outdoor lounge area, with its custom-designed furniture and neutral tones, offers a perfect setting for relaxation, integrating effortlessly with the yacht’s design.

Burdifilek’s commitment to design extends to every detail, including the guest rooms and bathrooms. The lowermost guest room features a sculptural shell design that creates a warm, intimate space, while the bathroom’s limestone finish emphasizes the importance of form and aesthetics.

Burdifilek’s foray into yacht design with the Entourage is a testament to their philosophy of creating luxury through artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail. The yacht’s design, which subtly unfolds as one moves through its spaces, offers a fresh perspective on luxury, where the act of repose is central. This project marks not just a successful venture into new territory for Burdifilek but also redefines luxury in yacht design.


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