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Roam Ranch elegantly combines modern design with central Texas ranch aesthetics, seamlessly integrating form and function while accommodating the practical needs of its inhabitants.


Roam Ranch


Project Architect: Burton Baldridge
Project Manager: Brian Bedrosian
Senior Designer: Drew McMillian

Architecture and Interiors: Baldridge Architects
Builder: Duecker Construction Company Structural
Engineer: Dennis Duffy Engineering
Landscape: Campbell Landscape Architecture (preexisting)

Roam Ranch


Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of a working ranch outside Fredericksburg, Texas, Roam Ranch stands as a striking testament to the marriage of modern design and timeless ranch aesthetics. Spanning 4,362 square feet, this single-family home embodies a meticulous blend of contemporary flair and central Texas vernacular, seamlessly integrating form, finishes, and spirit.

Commissioned by clients who sought refuge from city life amidst the pandemic, Roam Ranch emerged as a visionary response to their desire for a sustainable dwelling that could also serve as a hub for their bison and turkey farming enterprise, aptly named “Force of Nature.” Unlike their urban abode, this new home had to effortlessly accommodate business operations, including podcasts and educational events.

From its inception, the clients emphasized the importance of preserving the authentic ranch ambiance while infusing modern comforts and conveniences. Crucially, they wished to retain two existing structures on the property—a kitchen/dining unit and a detached single-bedroom volume.

Roam Ranch
Roam Ranch
Roam Ranch


The resulting design embodies a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. A single roof gracefully shelters bedrooms, a carport, kitchen, offices, great room, and gym, all within its encompassing embrace. The addition of corrugated polycarbonate roofing, mirroring the existing structure, not only enhances the visual appeal but also floods the interior with natural light, creating a captivating entryway reminiscent of a classic central Texas dog-trot.

Yet, the true brilliance of the design lies in its pragmatic approach. Conceived amidst the chaos of construction, the plan seamlessly navigates the logistical challenges of continuous occupation by the clients, including a newborn. Every aspect, from the raw stone hearth delicately integrated with the flooring to the concealed flitched wood and steel structure providing structural support, speaks to a meticulous attention to detail and functionality.

Roam Ranch
Roam Ranch.jpg
Roam Ranch


In Roam Ranch, pragmatic constraints give rise to architectural ingenuity, resulting in a space that seamlessly merges the past with the present. It’s a sanctuary where modernity meets tradition, offering a glimpse into a future where design and functionality coexist in perfect harmony amidst the rugged beauty of the Texas landscape.

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