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Designed by Boston-based architecture and design firm, Hacin, Oyster Pond House stands as a radiant testament to the intrepid spirit of design, showing deference to nature and the dramatic surrounding waterfront, and devising a statement to the limitless possibilities of placemaking.




Hacin, a celebrated and interdisciplinary Boston-based design firm, is regarded for creative ingenuity in architecture, boasting a diverse and extensive portfolio of project typologies. This innovative studio of architects, interior and graphic designers is renowned for its nimble and captivating approach to placemaking, crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary.

Nestled in picturesque Cape Cod, the Oyster Pond House pays testament to the profound interplay between historical legacy and contemporary design sensibility. Combining a 19th-century farmhouse with a two-story contemporary addition, the house takes full advantage of its elevated site, evoking seclusion while located only steps away from the beach and the town center. Recognizing the site’s potential, the architects looked to maximize both the home’s living space and sweeping vistas that surround it.

Now, the classic farmhouse has been transformed into an oasis of modern living, characterized by interconnected, multi-purpose spaces, the vision for Oyster Pond House revels in astute curation in every detail. The architects worked closely with the local Historical Commission, preserving the existing home’s entirety with minor modifications to the exterior. The interior layout was extensively reconfigured, honoring elements of the past—the wide pine floors and the brick fireplace—which were lovingly preserved and incorporated. In homage to the traditional Cape Cod style, the house emanates charm, and aptly reflects the client’s personal history, reminiscent of fishing vacations set in a laid-back, camp-like setting.



To honor the aesthetic, durable, rugged materials were selected, and the residence has a meandering feel, similar to other Cape houses nearby that are incrementally expanded over time. The new addition gracefully connects with the existing structure through a luminous glass connector, establishing an eloquent dialogue between the old and the new. The modest scale between the two components is balanced and creates harmony. Hacin looked to the four elements —earth, water, air, and fire—and used natural materials and finishes to complete the interior and create a seamless connection with the outdoors relying on stone, wood, and sand for form and texture. The grand living room features expansive glass windows that allow for spectacular panoramas, highlighting the connection between interior, and exterior while warm wood ceilings and enduring brick piers anchor the home. A delicate Kalei finish is applied to the interior creating effect and contributing to the overall character.

This refined home is a celebration of understated modernism, artfully marrying the cherished coastal traditions with contemporary design, natural materials and a soft and sophisticated palette. Inspired by the iridescence of regional shells—mussels, quahogs, and scallops— the design palette of tender blushes, soft pinks, ethereal hues of smoky lavenders, and warm straw tones, imparts a profound sense of tranquility and understated elegance. Embracing organic forms and unassuming materials, the Oyster Pond House celebrates coastal living at its most sublime. A meticulous labor of love, much of the furniture finds its origins in the shops and studios of North American artisans, thus exemplifying the passion of both the design team and the client for supporting the talents of area makers. Beyond the intrinsic sustainability gained from reducing the travel distance of materials to the project site, the home incorporates sustainable fabrics and carpets composed of natural fibers, which harmoniously align with the beachside aesthetic. Every nuance, be it grand or discreet, was thoughtfully considered to champion local craft, ranging from subtle details such as ceramic hooks, to focal elements like sofas and lounge chairs.

In every square inch of Oyster Pond House, an orchestrated mélange of design unfolds, resulting in discovery and delight. From the secluded pet nook on a stair landing to the artful placement of datum lines that reflect the horizon of the ocean, these thoughtful interventions effuse the boundaries of the home extending its embrace to symbolize the essence of the Cape Cod experience and reflect a meaningful living space and lifestyle that is cherished by its residents.


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