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The historic Seattle home, originally built for a timber baron and remodeled by Bebb & Gould, has been eminently redesigned by Studio AM Architecture | Interiors and Kelly Hohla Interiors, masterfully blending its turn-of-the-century grandeur with contemporary living to ensure its legacy and community presence for future generations.


Bebb & Gould


In the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill, a historic residence, once the abode of a prominent timber baron, stands as a testament to architectural evolution and the delicate dance between preservation and modernization. This turn-of-the-century gem, a brainchild of the esteemed Bebb & Gould - the visionaries behind Seattle’s Art Museum and the Fairmont Olympic Hotel - has witnessed a transformative journey, emerging as a beacon of contemporary living while honoring its storied past.

The current custodians of this architectural marvel, drawn to its legacy and uniqueness, embarked on a meticulous renovation, breathing new life into the structure. Their vision was clear: to revitalize the home, not just for their tenure but for generations to come. The guiding principle of the redesign was to respect the original essence while seamlessly integrating modern necessities.

Bebb & Gould
Bebb & Gould


Architecture: Studio AM Architecture | Interiors
Interior Design: Kelly Hohla Interiors
Home Builder: Hoxie Huggins Construction
Landscape: Randy Allworth

Bebb & Gould


Originally facing a thoroughfare frequented by horse and carriage, the home’s service entrance, relegated to the background, has now been reimagined as the primary facade, acknowledging the urban evolution of its surroundings. The original layout, a relic of bygone eras with stark demarcations between servant quarters and public spaces, posed significant limitations in light and accessibility. The renovation sought to remedy these constraints, reconfiguring interiors to foster fluidity and connectivity, thus inviting natural light to dance through the revamped spaces.

The transformation is evident in the thoughtful introduction of French doors, a new balcony, and the excavation of a courtyard, creating a harmonious dialogue between the indoors and the lush outdoors. The once-obscure servant stairway has been replaced with a welcoming front porch, while on the upper levels, walls have been replaced with glass, and the plaster detailing extended, infusing the staircase with light and elevating the finishes to match the grandeur of the main floor.

Bebb & Gould
Bebb & Gould
Bebb & Gould


This home, though not officially registered as a historic landmark, commands a landmark-level stature in the community. The renovation process was akin to a surgical operation - deconstructing, documenting, and studying each element to ensure that the new additions complemented the old, striking a balance between craftsmanship and contemporary

The house now stands as a beacon of innovation within its historical shell, boasting hidden doors, high-tech features, and new fabrication methods that pay homage to the past while catering to the needs of modern living. It’s a home that not only tells the story of its own past but also of the community’s evolution, setting a precedent for how historic homes can be thoughtfully brought into the present while preserving their soul for future generations.

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