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Martyn Bullard’s ‘Star Style’ is an insightful exploration into the personalized world of celebrity home design, reflecting on his illustrious career, passion for interior design, and the individuality of his high-profile clients.


Martyn Bullard’s ‘Star Style
Star Style


Martyn Bullard’s “Star Style” offers a compelling journey through the illustrious career of one of the design industry’s most celebrated figures. With a foreword by Cher, the book immediately sets a high bar, promising insights into the glamorous world of celebrity home design. Bullard’s introduction serves not only as a retrospective of his thirty-year career but also as a testament to his passion and dedication to the art of interior design.

From the outset, Bullard’s narrative conveys a deep appreciation for the unique paths that led him to his current standing in the design world. His transition from a fledgling actor to a titan of interior design in Los Angeles illustrates a quintessentially American narrative of reinvention and success. This transformation is anchored by his ability to foster and cherish the relationships with his clients, who are central to his creative process. Their trust and collaboration have enabled him to craft spaces that are not merely reflections of his style but are deeply emblematic of his clients’ personalities and desires.

The title “Star Style” cleverly encapsulates the essence of Bullard’s work. It hints at the celebrity clientele he has served while also emphasizing his approach to design—personal, individualized, and reflective of each client’s unique identity. Bullard’s philosophy that every home should capture its owner’s spirit and decorative soul is a recurring theme throughout the book. This approach demystifies the notion that celebrity homes are mere showcases of wealth, instead presenting them as intimate spaces of personal expression and comfort.

Martyn Bullard’s ‘Star Style
Martyn Bullard’s ‘Star Style


Bullard’s narrative also reveals a fascinating glimpse into his formative years, highlighting how his early experiences in London’s flea markets laid the groundwork for his illustrious career. These anecdotes underscore the value of passion, curiosity, and an eye for design over formal education in the creative industries. Furthermore, his acknowledgment of the role of his British heritage in shaping his aesthetic preferences adds depth to our understanding of his design influences.

portrait by Douglas Friedma


The book promises a visual feast, with carefully selected images that aim to showcase not only the diversity of Bullard’s projects but also the personal styles of his clients. This visual storytelling is crucial in illustrating Bullard’s versatility and the bespoke nature of his work. It’s clear that “Star Style” is not just a portfolio of Bullard’s work; it’s an invitation to explore the intimate and personalized world of high design through
his eyes.
In essence, “Star Style” is more than just a book about interior design; it’s a narrative about passion, transformation, and the power of personal expression through design. Bullard’s hope for readers to appreciate the eclecticism and individuality of his work reflects a deeper desire for people to recognize and cherish the uniqueness in themselves and their environments. As such, “Star Style” stands out as a poignant reflection on the beauty and diversity of human expression through the lens of interior design.

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