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Little Greene Paint & Paper’s ‘National Trust IV’
Wallpaper Collection is a timeless journey of British design.


Little Greene Paint & Paper’s ‘National Trust IV Aderyn - Olive Colour


For affluent interior design enthusiasts, the arrival of Little Greene, the renowned British paint and wallpaper company, in the United States has been nothing short of a design revelation. Little Greene’s recent launch of their fourth installment of wallpaper designs in collaboration with the National Trust, aptly named ‘National Trust IV,’ is a celebration of history, craftsmanship, and modern luxury.

This versatile and eclectic collection introduces eight historic wallpaper designs, meticulously adapted and recolored across an astonishing 42 colorways, making them perfectly suited for contemporary homes. Little Greene’s partnership with Europe’s largest conservation charity, the National Trust, has given birth to a unique collection that seamlessly bridges the past and the present.

Each design within the ‘National Trust IV’ collection has been carefully crafted from original patterns discovered at several of the National Trust’s historic houses. In addition to these treasures, one design has been revived from the Little Greene archive, creating a comprehensive representation of over 250 years of British decoration. What sets this collection apart is not only its rich historical lineage but also the masterful use of color that breathes new life into these iconic designs, infusing them with a contemporary nuance.

Aderyn - Arquerite Dark.jpg


Arquerite Dark; China Clay.

Aderyn - China Clay.jpg


The ‘National Trust Papers IV’ collection pays homage to the heritage of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The designs within this collection are not mere reproductions; they are a living testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of bygone eras. Whether you are drawn to the delicate elegance of exotic birds, stylized florals, and scrolling trails or prefer the charm of ditsy print florals and large-scale tropical murals, this collection has something for every discerning interior design lover.

Ruth Mottershead, Little Greene’s Creative Director, reflects on the collaboration with the National Trust: “Working with the National Trust to uncover and revive these incredible historic designs is a real honor for us all at Little Greene. Designs within this collection date back to 1770, yet still endure, feeling fresh and relevant today. Showcasing these historic patterns in their new colorways in contemporary spaces and modern design schemes has reinvigorated them, ensuring they can be enjoyed for years to come.”

Aderyn - French Grey.jpg

French Grey; Hicks’ Blue.

Aderyn - Hicks' Blue.jpg


Featured prominently in this collection is the ‘Aderyn – Erddig c. 1770’ design. Dating back to the late 18th century, this wallpaper adorned the walls of Erddig in Wales, the family home of Philip Yorke and his wife Elizabeth. The hand-painted Chinese wallpaper features exquisite birds and flowers, a testament to the refined taste of its time. Delicately observed birds appear in pairs, symbolizing the Chinese concept of the interconnectivity of opposites, yin and yang. The inclusion of magnolia, symbolizing feminine beauty, and peony, symbolizing eminence, further adds to the rich symbolism of this design. Elements from the original have been carefully preserved and reimagined, creating a versatile and contemporary bird and floral motif that transcends time.

Beyond the aesthetics, each purchase contributes to the preservation of Britain’s cultural and natural heritage. Little Greene and the National Trust have created not just a collection of wallpapers but a bridge between the past and the present, inviting us all to partake in the beauty of design that transcends generations.

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