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The distinction of Plan Architecture lies in their precision, cohesive methodology, and unswerving dedication to innovation.


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“We pride ourselves on being all-inclusive, delivering comprehensive services that span interior, exterior, and landscape design,” emphasizes Dan D’Agostino, Principal of Plan Architecture. “Our approach means there’s no need to look elsewhere for landscaping or backyard design expertise.” True to their ethos of comprehensive design excellence, this remarkable architectural firm, based in Bergen County, New Jersey, was founded in 2014 by visionary architect Dan D’Agostino, AIA. Located just an hour from Midtown Manhattan, the firm has earned acclaim for its innovative approach.

With a dedicated team of 25 professionals, it is the largest boutique firm in the area, offering an integrated, process-oriented approach. Services include feasibility analysis, programming, master planning, interior design, renovation, alterations, additions, bidding and negotiation, construction administration, and concierge/owner’s representative services. “My concept for building this company is that 1+1 is a 10. We achieve faster and more accurate results due to our expertise and breadth of services,” explains Dan.

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In 2018, Dan launched an in-house interior design division, further enhancing the firm’s ability to meet clients’ needs comprehensively. From furniture selection to lighting, their interior design team excels at creating stylish, functional, and unique living environments. Their use of cutting-edge technology, including 3D renderings and to-scale, photorealistic imaging, helps clients visualize their projects. They are pioneers in the field, designing in three dimensions and offering clients the unique opportunity to walk through a life-size digital floor plan.

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Plan Architecture’s precision, cohesive approach, and dedication to innovation make them stand out. Their work isn’t confined to construction; it’s a symposium of architecture harmonizing with the environment.


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