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A Timeless Journey through Sophistication Spaces with 2023’s Latest Design Trend


Bradley Odom Interiors- Anthony Masterson.jpg

Step into the world of Grandpa Chic, where sophistication meets rugged masculinity, and inviting textures create a cozy ambiance that feels like home. Explore stunning rooms that exemplify the newest design trend of the year, seamlessly blending modern rustic with country club chic. Under Bradley Odom Interiors' expertise, a kitchen transforms into a sophisticated lounge-like haven, embracing moody colors and sumptuous materials. Meanwhile, Purple Cherry Architects' captivating nautical-themed study welcomes you with its intimate sitting area and coastal allure. In Studio McGee's wine room, envelop yourself in rich colors and dramatic accents, where layers of plush fabrics and unique displays create a timeless indulgence. Journey through Grandpa Chic's refined elegance and enchanting allure in these thoughtfully crafted spaces.

Photography By: Anthony Masterson



Under the expert guidance of Bradley Odom Interiors, this kitchen has been transformed into a sophisticated lounge-like haven, where moody ambiance and dark, sumptuous materials set the stage for an enchanting experience. “This project was actually a basement kitchen and living area within a large estate,” explains Bradley Odom, Owner + Principal of Bradley Odom Interiors. “Given its position in the house, we wanted to create a sophisticated lounge-like feeling - leaning into a more moody feeling with dark, sumptuous materials. We crafted a wall of walnut cabinetry - the warmth and texture of walnut really creates a richness in the space. We chose the durability of granite for the space but went dark with a lot of veining and movement to evoke the enveloping feeling of an old bar.”

Kip Dawkins.jpg



Journey into a world of timeless charm and coastal allure with this captivating nautical-themed study, carefully crafted by Purple Cherry Architects, where an intimate sitting area exudes unparalleled sophistication and comfort. “The cozy, monochromatic study creates an intimate sitting area in the Grandpa Chic aesthetic through the use of moody colors, warm wood tones, rich leather, and comfortable soft seating,” describes Cathy Purple Cherry, Founder and Principal of Purple Cherry Architects. Nautical artwork and accessories add sophistication while nodding to the home’s waterfront setting. A wood-burning fireplace is flanked by French doors with transom windows, creating a space that simultaneously feels simple yet opulent.”

Sofa: Hickory Chair
Chairs: Ralph Lauren Home
Sconces: Visual Comfort
Rug: Webster Carpet

Photography By: Durston Saylor




A world of timeless indulgence and refined taste awaits in this captivating wine room envisioned by the talented Studio McGee, where every detail is meticulously curated to create an enveloping experience. “The client wanted their wine room to feel like an old lounge,” explains Shea McGee, Founder and Principal of Studio McGee. The vision was to be enveloped with rich colors, which called for removing all things light and bright. For a dramatic impact, we went dark on dark. We layered plaids, tufted furniture, velvet, and rich leathers in moody hues against dark walls. I wanted to give the space a collected feel by putting their things on display — liquor bottles, artwork, books, etc. and including finishes like an antique mirrored backsplash, unique brass hardware, and a wood-handled faucet on the wet bar.“

Regan Baker.jpeg


Get ready for a party vibe on this rooftop deck, boasting stunning panoramic views of the vibrant San Francisco Bay! But that’s not all – brace yourself for some epic fun with an oversized chess set stealing the spotlight. Regan Baker Design took the playful factor up a notch by pairing it with two eye-catching, modern chairs in a lively shade of bright red. These sculptural masterpieces not only add a pop of color but also exude a playful charm, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a larger-than-life game board filled with excitement and joy.

Photo Credit: Suzanna Scott Photography

Kate Marker.jpg


Renowned for her distinctive and enduring style, Kate Marker has seamlessly blended her signature aesthetic with the individual lifestyles of her clients. In this remarkable project, she created an open-air porch that effortlessly merges natural elements, such as the wooden structure and bluestone flooring, with uninterrupted vistas of the pool and backyard, resulting in a sleek and minimalist entertainment area. A cozy seating arrangement invites engaging conversations in front of an inviting outdoor fireplace, while a conveniently placed dining table awaits swimmers and sunbathers as they ascend the adjacent steps for a quick snack or meal. The handsome furnishings selected not only provide comfort but also boast exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment of this inviting space.

Photo Credit: Sto¬er Photography Interiors

Bradley Odom.jpg


Bradley Odom’s transformative touch extended to the pool house, an integral part of the expansive family compound that required a contemporary update while preserving its original charm. The goal was to create a refined and comfortable space that could withstand the frequent
use by multiple generations. Incorporating a harmonious blend of cherished family heirlooms, contemporary upholstery, and custom-made furniture, the pool house now offers inviting areas for both intimate gatherings and larger get-togethers. The fabric selections took inspiration from
the natural surroundings, including the picturesque property and the serene presence of the nearby lake, infusing the pool house with a touch of tranquil beauty.

Photo Credit: Sarah Dorio

Caitlin Kah.jpg


With an artistic flair, Palm Beach’s talented interior designer, Caitlin Kah, approached this area as a seamless extension of the indoors, incorporating the captivating beauty of cypress ceiling materials but arranged in a distinctive pattern. The stone floor gracefully carries the continuity of the interior flooring, blurring the boundaries between inside and out. A remarkable art piece takes center stage, custom-designed by the clients’ landscape architect, appearing to effortlessly float upon the wall. The visual impact of this creation is simply breathtaking, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.

Photo Credit: Carmel Brantley

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