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Garage Deluxe, founded by Jonathan Clark, RIBA,
transforms garages into luxurious sanctuaries,
seamlessly blending architectural excellence with
automotive artistry for the discerning collector.




When one thinks of luxury homes, images of grand living spaces, exquisite interiors, and impeccable design often come to mind. But for Jonathan Clark, founder of Garage Deluxe, a luxury home is not complete without a sanctuary for one’s automotive passions. Combining his expertise as an RIBA Chartered Architect with his love for cars, Clark has created a niche that transcends traditional architecture, offering bespoke environments that celebrate the beauty and essence of exceptional automobiles.

Founding Principles and Philosophy
Garage Deluxe was born out of Jonathan Clark’s dual passions: architecture and cars. “The ideal combination,” Clark states. This unique fusion has shaped the company’s strategic direction, focusing on creating spaces that are as much about architectural excellence as they are about automotive appreciation. The foundational principle is simple yet profound: cars, particularly those that are beautiful, rare, or classic, should be celebrated in their own right, not merely stored.

Balancing Architecture and Interior Design
One of the distinctive aspects of Garage Deluxe is its seamless integration of architecture and interior design. “Unusually for many architects, we are very experienced in both internal and external architectural form as well as interior design,” Clark explains. This holistic approach ensures that every project maintains a synergy between the building’s external form and its interior spaces, avoiding the common pitfall where an interior designer might overshadow the architect’s vision. At Garage Deluxe, the interior is as important as the exterior, with each element influencing the other to create a cohesive and harmonious environment.

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Architectural Expertise and Client Engagement
The ethos and expertise of Jonathan Clark Architects, a RIBA Chartered Practice, significantly influences the architectural solutions offered by Garage Deluxe. “We have the experience to know what is possible and what isn’t within realistic parameters,” Clark notes. This pragmatic approach is crucial, especially during the initial Concept Design stage, to manage client expectations effectively.

Engaging with clients is another cornerstone of Garage Deluxe’s methodology. By understanding their preferences, requirements, and aspirations, the team ensures that each design is tailored to the client’s unique needs. With many clients based overseas, technology plays a vital role, but Clark emphasizes that “nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, spending quality time with our client.”


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Innovative Interior Design
Garage Deluxe takes a unique approach to interior design, particularly in spaces dedicated to classic cars, modern supercars, or personal sanctuaries. “We consider cars to be art,” Clark says. This perspective is evident in the design of spaces where cars are not just stored but celebrated. Whether it’s placing a car on a turntable, a raised podium, or against a well-lit white wall, each car is given a stage to shine.

Materials, texture, and lighting are carefully selected to enhance these spaces without overshadowing the cars themselves. “The car is the star,” Clark asserts, highlighting the importance of durable, easy-to-maintain materials and lighting that accentuates rather than competes with the automotive masterpieces.

Feasibility Studies and Planning
At the onset of any project, detailed feasibility studies are conducted to present clients with various options, from layout and size to the personality of the space. This thorough planning ensures that the project’s feasibility and potential success are assessed early, allowing for adjustments in design or budget as needed.

Collaboration with Specialists
Creating customized environments often requires collaboration with specialist engineers and consultants. From car lifts and ramps to automated control systems and lighting designers, Garage Deluxe works with a range of experts to achieve the best results. “It’s always a team effort,” Clark emphasizes, sometimes leading to groundbreaking innovations like revolving turntables that rise and fall to predetermined heights.


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Sourcing and Curating Memorabilia
Memorabilia sourcing and curation add another layer of personalization to Garage Deluxe’s projects. With extensive contacts, including Martin Buckley, the team sources pieces that complement the client’s collection. This careful curation ensures a cohesive theme and avoids clutter, enhancing the overall experience.

Client Collaboration and Satisfaction
Ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget involves realistic budgeting and program agreements from the outset. Managing client expectations is crucial, as decision-making timelines can vary widely. Despite the challenges, Clark finds each project rewarding, highlighting the dynamic and fulfilling nature of their work.

Future Directions
Looking ahead, Garage Deluxe aims to stay ahead of evolving preferences and technological advancements in car collection and exhibition. Embracing emerging trends and technologies, including AI, the company is excited about the possibilities for future projects. However, Clark is clear that the human touch remains irreplaceable, particularly in the creative aspects of design.


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Garage Deluxe stands out by merging the worlds of architecture and automotive art. For the affluent individual who sees their car collection as more than just vehicles but as an integral part of their lifestyle, Jonathan Clark and his team offer a bespoke, unparalleled service that transforms garages into sanctuaries of elegance and sophistication.


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