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Fenestella’s journey is a testament to 
the timeless appeal of vintage design. Through their carefully curated collections, Katie Price and Nicholas Longhi have created a sanctuary for those who appreciate the beauty of the past while embracing the possibilities of the present.


Fenestella at Gallery at 200 Lex


The charm of vintage chic has made a remarkable resurgence, capturing the hearts of ​designers and homeowners alike. At the forefront of this movement is Fenestella, an eclectic gallery of curated vintage pieces that seamlessly blend past and present aesthetics. Katie Price and Nicholas Longhi, the visionary founders of Fenestella, shared insights into their creative journey and the unique allure of their curated collections.

​Fenestella’s inception is a story of passion and transformation. Katie and Nicholas  both hail from rich backgrounds in art and art history, with a shared love for travel and exploration. “We spent a lot of time growing up going to flea markets,” they recall. This early exposure to the world of vintage treasures sowed the seeds for what would eventually become a thriving business.

“A decade ago, we realized we could turn our hobby into a profitable venture,” they explain. Initially, they focused on selling locally sourced pieces in Brooklyn. Their offerings quickly gained popularity, leading them to expand to The Gallery at 200 Lex. Their travels abroad just before the pandemic further enriched their vision, enabling them to import collectible designer pieces from around the globe. This international flair has become a cornerstone of Fenestella’s constantly evolving aesthetic.​​



The magic behind Fenestella lies in its meticulous curatorial process. Katie and Nicholas strive to strike a balance between accessible and coveted pieces, ensuring that each item upholds their high standards of quality. “Our booth at The Gallery at 200 Lex carries an eclectic mix of eras and styles, from Space Age to traditional,” they share.

One of their greatest challenges, and indeed a source of joy, is harmonizing these diverse styles. Their expert eye ensures that each piece, whether a mid-century modern chair or an ornate Victorian mirror, fits seamlessly into Fenestella’s cohesive yet diverse aesthetic. This careful selection process allows them to offer a collection that is as unique as it is inspiring.

Among the myriad of treasures Fenestella has collected, certain pieces hold special significance for Katie and Nicholas. Each item in their collection has a story, a past life that adds depth and character to its presence. These stories are what make vintage pieces so compelling.

“Reupholstery is always an exciting process,” they mention. It’s through this reimagining of well-designed pieces from the past that they can customize items to incorporate contemporary trends or personal styles. This practice not only breathes new life into vintage items but also ensures that each piece remains a one-of-a-kind creation.

The resurgence of vintage chic within the design industry is partly due to the efforts of visionaries like Katie and Nicholas. Their dedication to sustainability and uniqueness has inspired many to see the beauty and value in vintage pieces.

“We hope to inspire people to see that vintage is not only more sustainable but also provides you with a one-of-a-kind piece,” they state. By balancing marketable pieces with a neutral palette and bold statement items that experiment with trends, Fenestella stays ahead of the curve while remaining true to its unique perspective.

For those looking to incorporate vintage chic into their spaces, Katie and Nicholas have simple yet profound advice: “You don’t have to take it too seriously. Buy what you love and build around that.” This approach encourages a personal and heartfelt connection to each piece, fostering spaces that truly reflect the owner’s personality.

Looking ahead, Fenestella’s founders are excited about future projects and ambitions. They envision their collection continuing to evolve, blending new influences with their established aesthetic. With their unwavering passion and keen eye for design, Katie and Nicholas are set to further elevate the world of vintage chic. The Gallery at 200 Lex.

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