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In the heart of Paris’ Imagine studio transforms a pied-à-terre into an exquisite fusion of historic charm and modern elegance, where each carefully curated detail reflects a commitment to luxury, comfort, and the art of living.


Studio Imagine


Nestled in the iconic Sacré Coeur district, the Montmartre project by Mélodie Violet, the visionary behind Imagine design studio, emerges as a beacon of luxury interior design. This Pied-à-terre top-floor apartment, a jewel in Montmartre, exemplifies Violet’s flair for transforming spaces into realms of unparalleled beauty and comfort.

The Montmartre project is an ode to the art of maximizing space and light. Its strategic extension into the attic unfurls a canvas where the Parisian sky dances in through the windows, casting an ethereal glow across the interior. This fusion of historic charm and contemporary elegance makes the apartment a rare find in urban Paris.

Interior designer: Imagine by Mélodie Violet
Client: Marine Van Den Broek
Contractor: Gop Elec
Floor: Carresol
Tiles: Arte Casa
Mirror: Miroiterie Ferraris
Wallpaper: Arte
Fabrics: Pierre Frey
Curtains: Toile de Mayenne

Studio Imagine
Studio Imagine


Imagine’s signature lies in the tender balance of quality and aesthetics. The Hungarian point parquet, bathed in warm, subtle colors, whispers stories of sophistication and femininity. Every fabric, every vintage piece, is a testament to the uniqueness of this space, carefully curated to resonate with the soul of Montmartre.

The living room, a confluence of art and design, features a sculptural cream sofa, round walnut coffee tables, and custom poufs. A majestic Tuscan mural backdrop against the custom-designed library and a new fireplace creates a haven of comfort and style. Here, elegance isn’t just seen; it’s felt.

The kitchen, a marvel of functionality and style, blends rustic charm with modern utility. The light wood surfaces, ancient marble cabochon paving, and a bright porcelain backsplash harmonize with modern fixtures to offer a culinary sanctuary that’s both efficient and inviting.

In the dining room, the walnut wall and a golden-detailed flea-market mirror create an ambiance of welcoming luxury. The travertine table and custom fabric bench are not just furniture; they’re invitations to linger, to relish moments in a cocoon of comfort and style.

Studio Imagine
Studio Imagine


The mezzanine bedroom, a tapestry of tradition and modernity, blends the warmth of purple carpet with the historical charm of original beams. The lighting and floral-patterned bed linen conjure an aura of tranquility, turning the bedroom into a sanctuary of rest.

In the bathroom, powder pink tiles create a soothing, feminine ambiance, complemented by Siena earth-hued hexagonal floor tiles. The brass finishes and elegant washbasin design elevates the space to a haven of elegance and serenity.

More than a residence, the Montmartre apartment is an experience of living art, where every detail is a stroke of genius, a testament to Mélodie Violet’s passion for creating spaces that defy trends and time.

Since 2014, Imagine has been redefining spaces in Paris, Montreal, and the French Riviera with a commitment to simplicity, balance, and timeless elegance. Each project is a journey tailored to the client’s dreams, ensuring satisfaction in every detail.

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