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In an era where the distinction between work, culture, and leisure blurs, the concept of social clubs has undergone a significant evolution. Spearheading this transformation is CORE: New York.


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In the heart of Manhattan, nestled at the iconic 711 Fifth Avenue, a transformational space emerges that redefines the essence of community and culture. This is CORE:, a sanctuary of innovation and creativity founded in 2005 by visionary Jennie Enterprise. CORE: stands as a beacon for the dynamic individual, those whose lives blur the lines between work, culture, and leisure, and who see life as a continuous journey of discovery.

Jennie Enterprise, the visionary founder and CEO of CORE:, is recognized as a pioneering world-builder with an insatiable curiosity and an unparalleled work ethic, traits instilled in her by her family’s matriarchal lineage and her father, a self-made individual who worked through school by driving municipal trucks and a New York City cab. From launching a tennis camp at just 13 to founding an on-campus entertainment company during her college years at Fordham University, Enterprise has always been driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, community-building, and curation. Her journey took a significant turn when she developed the concept of the lifestyle club with Reebok Sports Club in 1995, setting the stage for what would become CORE:. By the early 2000s, Enterprise was ready to challenge the traditional world of private clubs, leading to the founding of CORE: as a membership-based lifestyle company that prioritized freedom, independence, happiness, and a curated community of unlike-minded individuals from diverse industries.

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The inception of CORE: marked a departure from the traditional paradigms of private clubs. Where once the word ‘club’ conjured images of exclusivity, stringent dress codes, and a certain rigidity in membership selection, CORE: envisioned something radically different. “We were early to the space and have always thought about things a little differently,” Enterprise notes, reflecting on the club’s founding ethos. At a time when the world was on the cusp of a new millennium, CORE: sought to embrace a future where freedom, independence, and happiness were at the core of a truly global community.

The differences between CORE: and traditional Fifth Avenue clubs are not merely physical but philosophical. The club’s mission has always been to curate an environment where members can freely engage in all facets of their lives, an idea that resonates deeply with today’s society’s values. “Traditionally, when people thought about the world of clubs, they thought about rule books and dress codes. Our mission has always been to curate the conditions so members can freely conduct all facets of life here,” Enterprise explains. This ethos of freedom and independence is what sets CORE: apart, offering a unique value proposition in a landscape crowded with both old-guard institutions and new-generation clubs.

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At CORE:, culture, community, and curation animate everything. Unlike its predecessors and competitors, CORE: is ideas-led, not amenities-led. The club seeks out individuals who navigate life with creativity and courage, who are dedicated to relentlessly cultivating themselves and their understanding of the world. This dedication is evident in the club’s exceptional cultural programming, which celebrates the art of ideas and welcomes the brightest minds of the moment. 

Located on the upper four floors of 711 Fifth Avenue, CORE: occupies 60,000 square feet of meticulously designed space. “In this new space, we have a spectacular new playground for our growing community to explore and endlessly cultivate themselves, with 60,000 square feet over 4 floors and 6,000 square feet of terraces, plus a stunning lobby space conceived by world-renowned architect Peter Marino. All of our existing offerings have expanded in dynamic new ways—from our cultural spaces to our four culinary destinations to our wellness world to our private suites—and we have introduced new concepts such as our Culinary Lab, Speakeasy, and Beauty Bar,” Enterprise vividly describes the club’s evolution.

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This architectural spirit captures the soul of New York, blending ambitious and timeless design with the dynamic energy of its members. The design, realized by the visionary talents of Marijana Radovic and Marco Bonelli of m2atelier, supports all facets of daily life, creating distinct settings and atmospheres that stimulate connection and engagement while allowing for freedom and independence.

As CORE: opens its doors to this new chapter, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of beautifully curated communities. “Freedom, independence, and happiness are the principles of our CORE: world,” Enterprise reflects, encapsulating the transformative impact of CORE: on its members’ lives. With its global vision and deep commitment to capturing the essence of community and culture, CORE: continues to redefine what it means to belong to a social club in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

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