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BOIFFILS Architectures has transformed Singapore’s Changi Terminal 2 into a serene, nature-inspired gateway, redefining airport design by blending luxury, technology, and natural elements to enhance the traveler experience.


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In a bold departure from conventional airport design, BOIFFILS Architectures has unveiled its groundbreaking expansion and renovation of Terminal 2 at Singapore’s renowned Changi Airport. Celebrating 40 years of innovative design, the Paris-based family firm has transformed 120,000 square meters of space into a serene gateway that reflects the lush aesthetics of Singapore, the “Garden City.”

Founded by Jacqueline and Henri Boiffils, and now led by their son, Basile Boiffils, the firm has long been a beacon of creativity, particularly noted for its work in luxury retail spaces and boutique hotels. This project marks a significant milestone, as BOIFFILS Architectures brings its signature blend of fashion, luxury, and technology to the aviation sector.

Eschewing the traditional utilitarian approach to airport design, BOIFFILS Architectures prioritized passenger experience and nature integration. The terminal now features immersive environments designed to soothe and engage travelers. From the arrival to the departure halls, the space is punctuated with visual, auditory, and interactive elements that draw inspiration from natural landscapes.

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Architectural firm: BOIFFILS Architectures
Contractors & builders: Takenaka
Structural engineers: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd, Singapore
Mechanical and Electrical engineers: J Roger Preston (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore
Collaborating architects (external): RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd, Singapore
Lighting consultants: Philippe ALMON PhA Concepteurs Lumière, Paris
Botanical design: Patrick Blanc, Paris
Landscape architects: Genesis Nine One Pte Ltd, Singapore

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The redesigned terminal embodies a journey through a curated landscape of minerals, water features, and lush vegetation. Basile Boiffils shared, “We aimed to blur the boundaries between architecture and landscape, using elements like reflective water surfaces and textured greens to create a calming, sensory experience.”

The departure area is particularly striking, with its high ceilings and organic design elements that simulate aerial views of landscapes. This area includes ‘islands’ for check-ins, breaking away from traditional linear counters to enhance the sense of space and ease of movement.

In its quest for innovation, BOIFFILS Architectures has not shied away from technological advancements. The terminal features a 14-meter-high digital waterfall dubbed “The Wonderfall,” a collaboration with the multimedia studio Moment Factory. This installation, along with a digital ceiling in the transit area that simulates local weather patterns, showcases the firm’s commitment to merging technology with natural beauty.

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The firm also maintained a focus on sustainability and cost-efficiency, notably through the strategic selection of materials that mimic natural stone but at a lower cost. This approach reflects both an environmental consciousness and a pragmatic adaptation to budget constraints.

The project has already garnered international acclaim, winning several awards for its innovative design and user-focused approach. These accolades are a testament to BOIFFILS Architecture’s ability to redefine what an airport can be — not just a transit space, but a place of beauty and calm.

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As Changi Terminal 2 stands today, it is not only a testament to BOIFFILS Architecture’s visionary approach but also a beacon of how thoughtful design can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. The firm’s ability to integrate luxury, technology, and nature into a cohesive design offers a new narrative for future airport developments worldwide.

instagram: @boiffilsarchitectures

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