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Within the walls of McClean’s recently completed Bird Street residence lies a harmonious blend of design and functionality,
a true testament to architectural elegance and practicality.


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Project Type: New Single-Family Residence
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Approximate Size: 4,061 SF
Completion Date: 2023
Contractor: Bird Street Builders
Interior Designer: Tehila Shelef
Engineer: Parker Resnick


Paul McClean’s architectural firm, McClean Design, stands as a paragon of contemporary residential architecture, especially in Southern California. Renowned for bespoke designs, McClean is the architect of choice for a prestigious clientele, including celebrities such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Calvin Klein. His projects, ranging from 3,500 to over 50,000 square feet, are tailored to fit his clients’ unique lifestyles. While rooted in Southern California, McClean Design’s influence extends across the United States and internationally, affirming McClean’s status as a visionary in modern residential design
One of McClean’s recent projects in the exclusive Bird Streets area of West Hollywood is a prime example of his architectural ethos. This residence, the fourth in a small, ultra-exclusive cul-de-sac of nine homes, showcases ingenuity on a constrained lot with captivating views of downtown Los Angeles.

McClean Design
McClean Design


The project’s architectural brilliance lies in its strategic space utilization. Despite the lot’s compact size, McClean’s design perfectly balances maximized views, outdoor spaces, and well-lit basement areas. A notable design element is the four-car tandem garage, ingeniously placed below the main living quarters and utilizing the sloped frontage to maximize space and ensure privacy.

Inside, the residence reveals a meticulously planned layout. The entrance leads to a linear lighting fixture that highlights the pool area and lush greenery. The main floor is efficiently organized: the kitchen and dining area on one side offer stunning views, while on the other, a unique staircase and lightwell, separated from the living area by a lit stone fireplace, add to the ambiance.

McClean Design
McCean Design


To address the site’s challenges, including parking, McClean created a linear courtyard next to a two-story green wall, funneling light into the basement and complemented by a large skylight over the staircase. This design floods the lower-level entertainment spaces with natural light, enhanced by the courtyard’s intense planting. The basement includes a gym, wellness area, and two additional bedrooms opening onto a serene rear garden.

In collaboration with interior designer Tehila Shelef, McClean’s team chose warm, natural materials like wood, travertine, and marble, lending the house a contemporary yet comfortable feel.

This West Hollywood residence is more than just a building; it’s a vibrant showcase of architectural artistry and functional elegance. McClean’s transformation of a challenging urban space into a luxurious haven exemplifies his expertise in contemporary residential design. The project is notable for its blend of aesthetics and practicality, creating an inviting yet chic atmosphere.

McClean Design
McClean Design
McClean Design


McClean’s designs go beyond conventional residential architecture, pointing to the future of home design where spaces enhance quality of life through nature, light, and artistry. This project demonstrates how architecture can turn everyday living into an art form.

This residence is not only a testament to McClean’s prowess but also a source of inspiration in contemporary home design. It illustrates how innovative architecture can meet modern lifestyle demands, setting a standard for future urban projects. The house in West Hollywood stands as a landmark of architectural excellence and a symbol of the extraordinary potential of visionary design and expert execution.

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McClean Design
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