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Assure Interiors has meticulously completed the Miami Modern House project, a space where the realms of visionary design and the zenith of luxury living converge, meticulously crafted to meet the nuanced demands of a sophisticated, tech-savvy family.


Miami Modern House Assure Interiors.jpeg

A large new house tucked away on a substantial plot in a family compound.


The Assure Interiors endeavor, the Miami Modern House project, serves as a quintessential embodiment of opulence and practicality within the realm of interior design, meticulously tailored to cater to the discerning tastes of a youthful, tech-savvy international family unit alongside their offspring. With a substantial allocation of funds totaling a staggering $4 million, this sprawling 10,542 square foot domicile nestled in the vibrant locale of Miami, Florida, stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of contemporary aesthetics with the comforting embrace of domesticity. Through a collaborative effort with esteemed partners CMA Design Studio Inc. and CDC Builders, Assure Interiors has orchestrated a symphony of spatial design that effortlessly integrates with its lush tropical environs, all while providing an intelligent, fashionable, and supremely luxurious residential sanctuary.

Miami Modern House Assure Interiors.jpeg

The Entrance Hall opens from a private driveway via a massive pivot door revealing a generous space and tall glass doors to the terrace and garden beyond. The Colombian rug in copper and plantain fiber adds depth and texture while being practical for a high traffic area. On the contemporary credenza a collection of vessels and a photo realistic painting add drama to the room.


Central to the ethos of this ambitious project is a fervent aspiration to fashion an interior sanctuary that harmoniously reconciles the demands of professional obligations, familial pursuits, and social engagements. The overarching design directive demanded uncluttered, utilitarian interiors that seamlessly blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor realms. This lofty ambition materialized into the creation of bespoke, purpose-built spaces, including but not limited to two distinct family lounges, a dedicated children’s play area, and a flexible home office environment adept at accommodating the diverse work requirements of the homeowners—an enterprising entrepreneur and a luminary figure in the fashion industry.

Miami Modern House Assure Interiors.jpeg

The light-filled living room, originally conceived as an open space, was divided by a wine wall at the client’s request for a more formal dining area. The glass wine cellar creates a separate dining room while maintaining a feeling of openness. The wall holds 200 bottles in a temperature-controlled environment.

A curved velvet blue sofa which softens the linear quality of the room is positioned to enjoy views of the terrace and the lush tropical garden. The mix of knit and Italian boucle cushions complement the textural velvet, linen, and leather furniture. Accents of antique brass catch reflections from the Miami sun and reflect warm light.

Miami Modern House Assure Interiors.jpeg

The large multifunctional open kitchen integrates a Japanese table in a secondary dining area plus a downstairs family room. Assure designed the custom cabinetry, incorporating plenty of storage and large durable quartz topped island to accommodate cooking. On the table, a collection of Holly Hunt candle sticks brings subtle style to this secondary dining space used by family for daily meals as well as casual entertaining. A comfortable sofa with plenty of cushions for four to relax on was paired with Poltrona Frua leather side tables. Tall glass windows with views of the garden and terrace make the most of the house’s garden setting. Practical linen sheers take away the glare from the strong Miami sun

Miami Modern House Assure Interiors.jpeg

The dining room seats eight to ten comfortably. Assure applied Malachite green suede to the ceiling, moldings, and walls to create an intimate and elegant environment for evening entertaining. The stripe wool & silk rug from the Rug Company adds a graphic pop and armchairs from Poltrona Frau inject tactile color leather which stands out against the dark walls.


The design philosophy embraced by Assure Interiors revolves around the juxtaposition of modernistic elements with inviting accents, fostering an ambiance that exudes freshness and hospitality in equal measure. The judicious employment of an earth-toned color palette, complemented by subtle variations in texture and punctuated by splashes of verdant greens and cerulean blues, culminates in a sophisticated yet laid-back aesthetic tailor-made for tropical living. Every nook and cranny of the Miami Modern House bears witness to an unwavering commitment to precision craftsmanship and uncompromising quality, from the grandeur of the entrance hall bedecked with a resplendent Colombian rug and carefully curated furnishings to the tastefully partitioned living area, delineated by an imposing wine wall that effortlessly segues into an elegant formal dining space.

At the epicenter of daily life within this lavish abode lies the nexus of the kitchen and family room, conceived with the dual purpose of functionality and seamless integration with the al fresco living quarters. Here, bespoke cabinetry, resilient quartz countertops, and meticulously planned culinary zones converge to cater to the culinary aspirations of even the most discerning gastronomes, all while floor-to-ceiling glass panes frame picturesque vistas of the verdant garden and sprawling terrace, thereby capitalizing on the natural splendor surrounding the residence.


Project: Miami Modern House
Location: Miami, Florida
Sq Footage: 10,542. Square feet
Budget: $4 Million
Architects: CMA Design Studio Inc.
General Contractor: CDC Builders

Miami Modern House Assure Interiors.jpeg

The upstairs primary bedroom was designed as a large suite with a separate seating/ TV area behind the bed and a large spa-like primary bathroom. In the bedroom silk blend wallcovering creates a cocooning backdrop with the coziness enhanced by a silk rug and silk bedding from British brand Gingerlily. The dramatic Fendi mirrored screen creates privacy and functions as a dressing area. The boucle chair sits next to a vintage Spanish vase. Brass accents from the table lamp and bench inject a hint of warmth. Used throughout the house porcelain floors were selected for wearability in the Florida climate. Linen shears, an Assure signature, integrate blackouts behind.

Miami Modern House Assure Interiors.jpeg

The large pool is surrounded by a keystone pool deck with the material echoed on the gazebo’s facade. More of a club than a gazebo, this building houses an upstairs gym and home cinema. There is a second outdoor kitchen and bar area for larger groups or for when the relatives in the rest of the compound join in.

Miami Modern House Assure Interiors

The sanctum sanctorum of the domicile, comprising the sumptuous primary bedroom suite boasting a spa-inspired en-suite bathroom, and the state-of-the-art home office replete with sound-absorbing velvet-clad walls, epitomizes the pinnacle of extravagance, comfort, and practicality. Even the outdoor recreational areas, including a towering double-height terrace and a lavishly appointed pool house outfitted with a fully-equipped gymnasium and a private cinema, bear testimony to the meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to design excellence that permeates every facet of the Miami Modern House.

The Miami Modern House envisioned by Assure Interiors stands as an indomitable testament to the transformative power of discerning design in crafting environments that not only captivate the senses but also intuitively cater to the myriad needs of their inhabitants. It serves as an illustrious benchmark for luxury interior design, wherein every facet and facetious detail contributes harmoniously to the creation of a lifestyle marked by unparalleled refinement and opulence.

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