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Doggy Bathroom x Keith Haring Collection:
Where Functionality Meets Iconic Art



Doggy Bathroom x Keith Haring.jpg


In a groundbreaking fusion of art and pet care, Doggy Bathroom, the trailblazing pet brand known for its innovative solutions, is thrilled to unveil its latest creation: the Doggy Bathroom x Keith Haring collection. This exclusive assortment marries Doggy Bathroom’s acclaimed products with the vibrant spirit of Keith Haring’s iconic artworks, resulting in a unique blend of utility and creativity that is set to redefine pet care aesthetics.

Doggy Bathroom has taken the concept of a dog litter box for small breeds, including those male dogs that have a penchant for leg-lifting, to a whole new level. The brand’s ingenious design integrates custom pee pads, purposefully fashioned for vertical use, making it an unparalleled choice for pet owners seeking both convenience and innovation.

The journey of Doggy Bathroom began in 2019 when Alain Courchesne, an award-winning interior designer, founded the brand. Alain’s inspiration stemmed from personal experience when he adopted Sterling, his Italian Greyhound. Sterling’s reluctance to brave the frosty Canadian winters for his ‘business’ needs led Alain to devise a stylish and functional indoor alternative - thus, the Doggy Bathroom was born.

Available exclusively on, this limited edition collection invites pet owners to embrace a new paradigm in
pet care.

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