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This summer, Lujo is unveiling the
Amalfi Hammock, a stunning addition to their luxury hammock collection, crafted to elevate any outdoor (or indoor) space with unparalleled elegance and sophistication.


LUJO_AmalfiHammock_NEWJUNE2024_ In-Situ Villa_C_Citrine.jpg


Hand-crafted in New Zealand, the Amalfi Hammock is a testament to quality and design, seamlessly combining functionality with an aesthetic that exudes minimalistic, laid-back luxury. The Amalfi Hammock is constructed using Mokum’s new Ostuni outdoor fabrics, renowned for their durability and tactile appeal. Paired with marine-grade stainless steel fasteners and ropes, this hammock promises both resilience and a sleek, modern look. Available in eleven sophisticated color options, the Amalfi Hammock caters to a variety of design preferences, ensuring a perfect match for any decor.

One of the standout features of the Amalfi Hammock is its versatility. Designed to hang effortlessly between trees, poles, ceilings, or walls, it can transform any space into a tranquil retreat. Its high-performance materials make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, from private residences to upscale hospitality environments.

The Amalfi Hammock is built to withstand the elements, with resistance to UV rays, saltwater, and chlorinated water. It’s also nonallergenic and resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, ensuring a safe and hygienic lounging experience. The machine-washable fabrics make maintenance a breeze, allowing you to enjoy your hammock without worry. For those seeking additional comfort, optional extras include a head pillow and a lush padded base layer, providing a truly luxurious lounging experience.

LUJO_AmalfiHammock_NEWJUNE2024_ In-Situ Villa_E_Citrine-2.jpg


The Amalfi Hammock measures 35 inches in width and 97 inches in length, with adjustable ropes extending its overall length from 118 to 315 inches. Weighing in at just 10 pounds, it’s easy to set up and relocate as needed.

With a starting price of $995, including free shipping to the US, the Amalfi Hammock represents excellent value for those looking to invest in high-quality, stylish outdoor furniture. Lujo offers a five-year exterior warranty and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, underscoring their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Ready to elevate your outdoor space with the Amalfi Hammock? Visit, call 1-888-795-2710, or email to make your purchase.

This summer, experience the ultimate in relaxation and luxury with the Amalfi Hammock from Lujo –where design meets unparalleled comfort.

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