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Tidal Jets: The private aviation start-up
aiming for market disruption.


Tidal Jets


The newly launched Washington D.C.-based company is serious about tackling the exorbitant private jet pricing and excessive fees in today’s industry.

Tidal Jets Inc. was founded on a vision: to offer private jet travelers a modern, affordable, and convenient brokerage experience. Frustrated by the turbulence of exorbitant trip pricing and the hidden fees lurking beneath the surface of private jet travel, the founders recognized the need for a modernized approach. Just as a low tide reveals hidden wonders and obstacles alike, Tidal Jets is dedicated to ensuring a crystal-clear booking option for private jet travelers seeking a completely transparent booking experience.

The founders behind Tidal Jets have previously served in various roles across the aviation industry, including experience as private aviation brokers, and are unified by friendship coupled with the commitment to bringing a fresh perspective to private jet travel. Tidal Jets eliminates unnecessary intermediaries and optimizes routes to provide customers with industry-leading levels of service, safety, and pricing. Ethan Levy, founder and CEO of Tidal Jets, is confident the company will uphold its coveted rank as an industry game-changer due to, “a shared vision to make private jet travel more affordable, transparent, and accessible to a wider audience.”

Tidal jets
Tidal jets 1


As founder and CEO of Tidal Jets, Levy brings extensive customer service, sales, and operational experience to the Tidal Jets team. After discovering a devout interest in airplanes and their inner workings at a young age, Levy stayed on an aviation-inspired path that led him to a prominent role at United Airlines. Levy continued to build his industry experience which ultimately provided him with a transferable skill set that bolstered his confidence in pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor. In an effort to supplement his experience with that of other industry experts, Levy decided to welcome Jonathan Downs (Tidal Jets EVP and Co-Founder) aboard the Tidal Jets journey.

Jonathan Downs is Tidal Jets’ contract, legal, and financial guru. As the Executive Vice President of Tidal Jets, Downs brings unparalleled experience in program management supported by his former career in United States Government Operations. Downs is a leader, strategic thinker, and relentless pursuer of excellence driven by the desire to transform the private jet charter industry.
“We understand that every client has unique requirements and expectations,” explained Levy. “Our knowledgeable and friendly team goes above and beyond to understand your needs and deliver an unforgettable journey from the moment you contact us until you reach your destination.”

While the private jet market is filled with brokerage firms, Tidal Jets sets itself apart with its modernized approach, which ensures a distinct edge over the competition. In addition to their leading capabilities as a brokerage firm, which prioritize route optimization and eliminate unnecessary agents, Tidal Jets offer a unique membership program for its customers. The Captains’ Club™ was created as an expression of gratitude for customer loyalty and is able to provide members with the opportunity to earn points while flying. The points then contribute to the company’s tiered membership program, guaranteeing a range of travel perks. Benefits include complimentary ground transportation, exquisite catering, dedicated concierge service, competitive pricing, and complimentary aircraft upgrades.

Tidal jets


As a testament of their industry-wide expertise, Tidal Jets offers aircraft acquisition guidance to customers interested in pursuing aircraft ownership. As experienced brokers with access to an extensive industry network, Tidal Jets is able to present potential buyers with a variety of off-market aircraft for consideration along their journey toward aircraft ownership. Tidal Jets’ commitment to transparency is echoed throughout their partnership with customers during the acquisition process and is amplified by the team’s understanding of the associated complexities of such a significant investment.

Driving Collaboration and Community Impact

Tidal Jets also has partnered with Liquid I.V., the groundbreaking powdered hydration company, to offer customers a unique hydration option that is especially beneficial for passengers on long-haul or transatlantic flights. These are the type of ambitious and fresh initiatives that could very well position Tidal Jets over the competition while also enticing a new potential target audience along the way, like Generation Z.

Tidal Jets provides additional value to not only the private jet industry as a leading brokerage firm, but also as a champion of philanthropic programs that actively engage with global communities while also supporting organizations like the American Heart Association. The company is involved in initiatives that give back to domestic and international communities including schools, shelters, healthcare facilities, and other community services. Tidal Jets specifically focuses on supporting educational, social welfare, healthcare, and environmental sustainability-related efforts.

Tidal Jets is revolutionizing what it means to experience private jet travel. With an unwavering commitment to providing customers with industry-leading degrees of affordability, accessibility, and transparency, Tidal Jets is trusted as a leading partner in private jet brokerage. Join the wave now and let Tidal Jets get you to your next destination.

Tidal Jets Inc. is a premier private jet brokerage firm revolutionizing how you fly. Founded by three ambitious friends in their mid-twenties, Tidal Jets brings a fresh perspective and extensive aviation knowledge to provide unparalleled service.

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