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Imagine an idyllic escape to South Andros, “The Sleeping Giant” of The Bahamas, where exclusivity meets unspoiled natural beauty. For the discerning traveler arriving by private jet, South Andros offers a serene haven far from the bustling tourist trails. With its sparse population and vast natural wonders, including the world’s third-largest fringing barrier reef and over 200 blue holes, South Andros is a pristine paradise. At the heart of this untouched splendor lies the Caerula Mar Club, a luxurious destination that promises a tranquil, yet exhilarating getaway.




Caerula Mar Club: 
A Canvas of Luxury and Nature

Sprawled across 10 beachfront acres, Caerula Mar Club is South Andros’ first luxury resort, a masterpiece crafted by HGTV’s celebrity designers Bryan & Sarah Baeumler. This once-abandoned resort has been transformed into a chic, modern oasis, offering a unique blend of understated elegance and natural beauty. The resort’s design ethos celebrates the ‘barefoot luxury’ concept, where the exquisite decor complements rather than competes with the breathtaking surroundings.

Elegance by the Shore

The resort boasts five private villas and 18 opulent suites, each a few steps from the shoreline. Guests can indulge in interiors adorned with neutral tones, brass finishes, Belgian linens, aged marble, and soft white oak floors – a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort.



Culinary Delights and Leisurely Indulgences

Caerula Mar Club caters to all senses. Start your day at Switcha, the on-site café and smoothie bar, offering a range of gourmet teas, coffees, and fresh pastries. Spend your afternoons by the oceanfront infinity pool, with the Driffs restaurant and pool bar providing locally inspired cuisine and refreshing cocktails. As the sun sets, Lusca, the island’s premier gourmet restaurant, awaits with a menu that changes daily, featuring local ingredients and an award-winning wine selection.

Adventure and Exploration at Your Fingertips
For those seeking adventure, the resort is a gateway to exploring South Andros’ natural wonders. Dive into the mysterious depths of nearby blue holes, snorkel or dive in the vibrant Andros Reef, or enjoy complimentary water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailing. Land lovers can take resort-provided beach cruisers for a delightful island exploration.



Effortless Accessibility
With Congo Town airport featuring its own international customs, reaching Caerula Mar Club is as effortless as it is enticing. This exclusive destination is just a short, seamless flight away for private jet travelers.

Your Invitation to Paradise

Caerula Mar Club isn’t just a resort; it’s an experience, an adventure, a retreat. It’s a promise of unforgettable memories in a secluded paradise, tailor-made for those who seek luxury, privacy, and a connection with nature. Pack your bags and set your coordinates to South Andros – a postcard-perfect getaway awaits.

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